If Reggie Fils-Aime and Nintendo were in the book publishing industry…

books-042If an alternate reality…

Reporter: Reggie, your books sell really well, but your competition, whom you are destroying month after month in the sales charts, are using glossy paper.

Reggie: Why yes, that entire statement is quite correct.

Reporter: But! There are some in the publishing industry who demand you use glossy paper, because it is shiny, and therefore superior.

Reggie: I understand the allure of glossy paper. But it is more expensive to use, and most people really don’t care what the paper looks like, so long as the words on the page make them feel something.

Reporter: Right, right. Feelings. But, Reggie, the paper is glossy.

Reggie: Yes, but our words are better, as sales have proven, and book paper today has reached the point where it’s good enough, and that means our authors can focus 100% on the content, not the medium.

Reporter: Reggie, why do you hate books?

I find when people are having trouble seeing the forest through the trees, it’s helpful to create an analogy. Other times, being blunt helps too: The HD argument is absurd.