Pokemon X sold more than Pokemon Y in 2013



Nintendo confirmed recently that Pokémon X sold 1.63 million copies, Pokémon Y 1.54 million. Those figures are through the end of December 2013 and are U.S sales only.  Those figures also justify the purchase of about 1.63 million people.  Because we all know Pokémon X is the superior version. Right?

Source: Kotaku

14 Responses to Pokemon X sold more than Pokemon Y in 2013

  1. Zac Morris says:

    X is superior! And I’ve got to say, the articles on Infendo have been getting much more interesting for the past month. There was about a year there where the site was very dry, but it seems to be making a comeback. Props to the writers.

  2. FrX says:

    It’s better for those who have Y then, because the pokémon would be ‘worth’ more, statisticly spoken.

    I like the new topics too. It’s a bit more varied and interesting. If only the site would be a little less cluttered, designwise.

  3. Colin Crompton says:

    Yeah the site is a bit disorganized, but has a great community. I always look forward to what people say in the comments.

  4. frstOne says:

    ^ I agree with the comments above.

    Also, I think the legendary in Y is way cooler than that deer-thing in X. That’s why I picked up Y.

  5. Colin Crompton says:

    Yeah thats why i played Y. I’m not a big fan of Bambi

  6. MikeIsaPoet says:

    You’d take the Y legendary that has the same type as Murkrow, doesn’t do much of anything, and I can kill with one Stone Edge over the Fairy type that can do a lot more overall?

  7. frstOne says:

    Oh, actually, yes. I care more about the looks of my pokemons, rather than how they perform in battle. But I understand your point too.

  8. FrX says:

    Meh, who uses legendary in his/her team anyway? It’s looks that matter more than abilities/moves, in my opinion. But then again, each to his own.

  9. Colin Crompton says:

    Yeah I don’t use legendaries, I prefer taking a pokemon from their original form to their final evolution.

  10. Rakim Reid says:

    @Colin Bambi is awesome. Xerneas isn’t. This is coming from the guy who wrote this post and bought Pokemon X.

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  12. The Adza says:

    Seeing as I don’t play pokemon competitively, I went for X because of the cooler looking mega evolutions of Charizard and Mewtwo. Before those images were released I would have liked to have gotten Y because Yveltal looks heaps more badass than Xerneas. Although my son got Y, and his Mega Charizard Y wipes the floor with my Mega Charizard X. I really don’t care which one I get usually, I usually get my son to choose what version he wants, then I get the opposite. But man I just had to have Charizard X this time.

  13. Colin Crompton says:

    @Rakim Reid Sorry about Bambi.

  14. Rakim Reid says:

    @Colin It’s all good.

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