Nintendo Rage, AKA: Nintendo Hard, AKA: Ninseizure!

We have all experienced it.  The fit of unbridled rage when we reach a near impossible area of a game.  No matter how hard we try we just cannot get past the one miniscule little part of a game.  The part that I had the most trouble with was the small jump in the sewer in TMNT.  I don’t even have to explain further for those of you that had the same frustration as me.

I guess today it is called “rage quitting” because the kids just give up and move to the next game.  But in my day, we used that rage to keep us motivated.  My friends and I called them Ninseizures because the pure anger that was experienced many times caused shaking and trembling.

I remember a time when a friend of mine and I were playing Super Mario Bros.  My friend jumped over the flag and began the run against time.  We didn’t even know this was possible!  Sure, time ran out and it was pretty pointless but we could say that we witnessed this epic event.  To this day, I have not been able to copy the flag jump.  My friend’s Cousin was also there.  He decided that he must also jump the flag.  While playing he was doing fairly well for someone that did not play video games.  He was a very competitive member of our high school football team, so he felt that he had to prove that he was better.  Well, he got as far as the Hammer Bros.  he used all but one of his lives trying to get past the first one in the game.  Each time hammer smashed his skull.  You could see the rage building up.  He threw the controller and yelled obscenities.  The quote we still remember and mimic today is:



Our laughter at that comment elevated his rage so much that the controller was hurled through the air smashing into the wall.  The controller did not survive.  To make matters worse, I plugged the second controller into the Nintendo and immediately passed the Hammer Bros. without a scratch.  Our football friend raged out of the room screaming cusswords that we think he made up.

Sure we lost a controller that day, but gained a lifetime of inside jokes.  All in all, it was a good day.  Do you have any stories of rage caused by your Nintendo failures?  What about broken equipment or games?



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