Nintendo Rage, AKA: Nintendo Hard, AKA: Ninseizure!

We have all experienced it.  The fit of unbridled rage when we reach a near impossible area of a game.  No matter how hard we try we just cannot get past the one miniscule little part of a game.  The part that I had the most trouble with was the small jump in the sewer in TMNT.  I don’t even have to explain further for those of you that had the same frustration as me. I guess today it is cal...

Red Steel 2 delayed to “March quarter” 2010

Wii MotionPlus exclusive Red Steel 2 has been pushed back to March 2010 for unspecificied reasons, Ubisoft confirmed today. The delay announcement arrives just as Ubisoft was pointing fingers and assigning blame for a substantial drop in sales in the U.S. and the U.K. Key amongst the excuses were “the economy” and “piracy.” Not present in his repertoire was “the fact ...

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