Nintendo Officially Discontinues Wii in Japan



Nintendo of Japan quietly listed Wii as discontinued in Japan on its official website today. We all knew it was coming. Earlier this year Nintendo shut down several off the system’s major channels and other networking functionality. Then Nintendo told us Wii production would end soon in Japan. Now, here we are. Nintendo will continue to produce Wii’s elsewhere in the world, but the writing is on the wall; the company will soon cease production internationally as the company focuses on Wii U. And at the end of the day, who can blame Nintendo? Wii has grossed over 100 million in lifetime sales since its release in 2006.

Source: Engadget

Rakim Reid is many things -- a blogger, husband, student -- but video games have been in his life longer than any of them. He has written about the video game industry over the years in his spare time and has plans to expand into the e-book realm. He is a avid Nintendo fan and continues to play the company's latest games. You can find him curled up next to his 3DS in his downtime.


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