Iwata Stays Positive as 3DS Reveal Inches Closer

Nintendo CEO Satoru IwataYahoo News posted an article today detailing Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata’s stance on current and future Wii sales as well as a few thoughts on the upcoming 3DS.

Satoru states that while Wii sales are below previous numbers that they are still strong figures given the age of the console.

While no new technical details were revealed about the 3DS, Iwata commented on Nintendo’s goals to continuously create innovative surprises for gamers, but stressed that fun gameplay should still be at the core of the user experience.

“Obviously, a game won’t be fun only because you made it 3D,” he said.

Iwata states that he thinks console sales will continue to be a tough arena in the current economy, but with the 3DS expected to be revealed at June’s E3, we might start to see Nintendo making more headlines (and pre-order lines) soon.