Nintendo is green

Nintendo recyclesLike Pogs and snap bracelets, hugging trees and loving the environment is cool right now. But even if it wasn’t, Nintendo would still be doing its part by recycling. A GoNintendo reader recently emailed Nintendo to pick their PR department’s brain about what the company does to help the environment, and here’s a sampling of the form letter they received in return:

Some things Nintendo is already doing:

In our offices:

  • We recycle the paper we use company-wide.
  • We limit our use of colored paper, since it’s not easily recycled.
  • We purchase recycled paper towels, report covers, message pads, and writing pads.
  • We currently recycle more than 70% of the waste that is generated at our headquarters.
  • We actively promote the recycling of aluminum cans and glass in our corporate cafeterias.

I sense a Recycling Mama series coming soon…