Top 10 best-selling consoles of all time

Curiosity got the best of me this morning, and I wandered into my local Wikipedia library for unofficial numbers on the best selling video game systems of all time. According to the wisdom of the crowd, they are as follows:

  1. PlayStation 2 (Sony) — 140 million
  2. Game Boy (Nintendo) — 119 million
  3. PlayStation (Sony) — 102 million
  4. DS (Nintendo) — 96 million
  5. Game Boy Advance (Nintendo) — 81 million
  6. NES (Nintendo) — 62 Million
  7. PlayStation Portable (Sony) — 50 million
  8. SNES (Nintendo) — 49 million
  9. Wii (Nintendo) — 45 million
  10. N64 (Nintendo) — 33 million

Combined, Nintendo and Sony really clean up, don’t they?


  1. Interesting. I own all of these except for the PSP. I don’t think the Wii will manage to beat out the PS2. Those are some really impressive numbers there. I can see why Sony became so arrogant, what a huge mistake they have made with the PS3.

  2. shipped =/= sold

  3. In my opinion, Sony only sold so many PS2s because so many of them broke. I have owned 4 PS2 consoles because the console after a couple years stopped reading the discs. I also have many friends and family members who have had the same issues. They then had to purchase another console. Although you can send them to Sony, many choose not to because of Price, Time, and Work.

  4. I think if the Wii bones up to the core audience as well as the casual they’ll break sony’s record easily.

    to tell you the truth, though, I’m honestly surprised at how well the PS1 did! I only ever liked a few games for that console when it came out. The N64 was a much funner console. I checked the link and noticed that the NEO-GEO was nowhere on any lists! Apparently, the 3DO sold more than the arcade machine that received titles for over a decade!

  5. Xbox is no where to be seen.

  6. Wow, the Game Boy was around forever, that’s pretty impressive for the PS2 to beat it. No wonder Sony was so cocky in 2006.

  7. hey, the wii should be passing the snes pretty soon!

  8. i can’t beleive the snes was so low??? i’m surprised that piece of awesomeness didn’t beat out the nes in the long run.

    @ gojiguy that’s pretty interesting too that the 3DO sold more than the neogeo. i always thought that the neogeo was ahead of it’s time with the memory slot cards you could take from home and plug into the arcades and having greatly superior graphics at the time. the 3DO sucked who was friggin buying that junk?

  9. Austin I’d say your opinion is….well wrong. It might account for some of it but there’s no way your reasoning will account for THAT many PS2’s sold. And my launch PS2 is still working fine and I’ve played it probably well more than any of my other systems.

  10. Lucky… i wish my PS2 lasted. But, the PS2 did have almost every game imaginable. However, I just didn’t like how many broke easily… and I am kinda right because your launch PS2 may still work, but it was proven that last generation PS2 broke the easiest… the Gamecube was the hardest to brake 🙂 I saw it on X-play and there are a couple of youtube videos of people seeing which last generation console was the strongest

  11. best thing about those gameboys…. they still work!!

  12. I’m pretty sure PS2 breakages must have been well within typical fail rates for consumer electronics, else there would have been a mountain of class action lawsuits filed against them ala 360 prior to the 3 year warrenty debacle (or Sony fanboys are a lot more gullible). That said, even a 5% fail rate translates to 7million defective units, which would be huge.

    The PSP isn’t there yet. A recent Sony statement put PSPs shipped at 50 million, but units sold to consumers is reputedly closer to 45, meaning that in real terms, the 2 year old Wii has just about pipped the 4 year old PSP, and the SNES still holds rank. However, it does mean the PSP is now the most successful 2nd place holder in a generation in history. In the coming year we can expect the DS to pass the PSX and Gameboy, the PSP to take the SNES (and if they’re VERY lucky, the NES), the 360 to take the MegaDrive (Genesis) and N64, the Wii to take the SNES and the NES, and the PS3 to take… well, nothing. Maybe the Genesis? Then we can call Sony the new Sega?

  13. Just to add some more anecdotal evidence to the PS2 breakage – I’m on my 2nd PS2, my friend’s on his 4th (though he did replace it through Sony once), and my other friend also had to replace his PS2 once.

  14. Well I love my wii and my DS (got them both launch day) and own the most games for both of them but I feel as if nintendo is letting me down right now… There has not been a wii game out in ages that makes me say “I have to play this game”. I picked up and PS3 when MGS4 came out (wanted once since the beginning but never had the cash) and I love my PS3. I play it or use it for some ability everyday. If nintendo does not get its ass in gear and start making some games the wii’s sales numbers will not grow to beat much more… they have the system but without the new games it gets old fast.

  15. @ deepthought – You’ve got that right. This past week I’ve been playing Links Awakening on my old Gamboy since I never managed to finish it back in ’93. It still works like a charm.

  16. Did they bother to adjust for inflation?

  17. D’oh, that’s numbers shipped…of course.

  18. My ps2 from ’03 still works like a charm, it even fell once from my hand on floor and dvd tray fell out, I just forced it back and it works;-)

    I think DS will take over PS2…

  19. I think the rankings are dead on; although the numbers are a bit off on the Sony side. Still; even factoring in breakage; it wouldn’t change the rankings in any way at this point.

    A note on my experiences with PS2: I bought it basically to enjoy the PS1 third party games I bought and enjoyed since I basically did a murder job on the PS1 like an idiot (I’m not the most gentle type even though I basically played Valkyrie Profile to death and without getting a Playstation; I probably would have never played VP, DQ7 or Vanguard Bandits. However; after about five or six light uses with the PS2; the system would no longer read PS1 games anymore for me. Eeek! I had problems with sound playing at all and the whole setup to get the thing to power on was a total bitch. I basically gave up on Sony after that. I probably could have taken the bloated PS2 games like VP2 and Dragon Quest VIII if Sony just built the product like a Nintendo system on a quality level (and how hard can it be to build a system to power on easily? Even PC’s do a better job than a PS2). I also fear it also introduced bad habits into the XBOX 360; if Microsoft wasn’t already having problems with quality controls on their own.

  20. Yes. This proves my point. Nintendo…


  21. surprised the genesis wasn’t on the top 10. i thought surely it would have been. surprising.

  22. hmmm, gameboy and gameboy color in the same category? not sure if that is right. if gba is a separate system, so shouldn’t gbc in my opinion. in any case, the ps2 is impressive, but i don’t think it will be out of reach of the wii eventually, or the ds/dsi. remember, that wii is keeping pace with ps2 at the same point in time in its lifetime.

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