Nintendo ending Disaster’s delay of crisis, releases 78 screenshots

You’ve saved the princess. Now be ready to save the people.

Nintendo of Europe earlier today released 78 all-new screenshots of the long-delayed Wii action game Disaster: Day of Crisis. Select shots are posted after the jump, and GoNintendo has uploaded the entire set onto Flickr.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime first revealed Disaster: Day of Crisis onstage during the company’s E3 2006 press conference. The game has been delayed numerous times since, prompting speculation that the project had been canned.

Yet recent developments suggest otherwise. As reported Wednesday on Infendo, Nintendo has confirmed the project is still alive and in development. With a rumored Oct. 24 European release date and this new batch of screens, the recipe for Disaster seems just right.

Expect official word from Nintendo soon. Until then, here are some catastrophic new screens to tide you over.