Fils-Aime tells IGN Disaster isn’t a $50 game

As if two years of development struggles and trips to the drawing board weren’t enough, Disaster has hit another serious roadblock.

Reggie doesn’t like it.

According to IGN’s Matt Casamassina, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is unimpressed with Disaster: Day of Crisis, the new and oft-delayed action-adventure title from developer Monolith Soft.

Said Casamassina on his latest Nintendo Voice Chat podcast:

We hung out with Reggie, and basically, he doesn’t think Disaster is a $50 game. Especially in terms of audio, which he said is laughable. He said he’s going to watch it and see how it performs in Europe. If it does well, you’ll probably get it in America, and if it’s a bomb, you probably won’t.

Disaster: Day of Crisis was released Sept. 25 in Japan and Oct. 24 in Europe. It has not been given a North American release date.