Disaster aptly named, development struggled

Don’t be fooled by the subtitle. For developer Monolith Soft, Disaster’s crisis lasted much longer than a day.

Nintendo has posted an interview with the development team for Disaster: Day of Crisis. According to an English translation on Nintendo Everything, the game suffered several snags during development.

Approached by Nintendo to create “something epic” for Wii, Monolith Soft began work on Disaster in early 2006. Development lasted less than a year before the project was scrapped due to quality assurance.

When the project was revisited in late 2006, Monolith Soft went back to the drawing board. A new schedule and budget were adopted, new gameplay elements were considered and development began anew.

Disaster’s original build used the Wii Classic Controller for gameplay. The controls were revised to utilize the motion recognition of the Wii remote. The game’s developers expressed interest in a sequel in the interview, a decision that relies solely on the first game’s sales.