Nintendo DS: Not the Pokemon System?

In March, Nintendo is supposed to release “Pokémon Trozei” (worst title translation ever) in America, a stylus dragging puzzle game. Overseas, Japan has been playing Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon, a GBA and DS adventure game double-release, for a couple months now. Does anyone but me feel that these and other Pokémin DS releases, are being somewhat under-promoted? Unlike the Game Cube and some Game-Boy iterations, sale numbers are beginning to show that Nintendo does not need the Pokémon franchise to keep the DS afloat, nor does having a plethora of Pokémon games on the system really add to the DSes user base. Is anyone looking forward to more Pokémon games?

Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon Official Japanese HomePage
Strangely empty Pokémon Trozei US HomePage