Miyamoto MTV Interview

The man behind arguably the best gaming franchises talks to MTV about his favorite game, the new Revolution controller, Nintendogs, and the decision to hold back Zelda Twilight Princess. Shiggy’s favorite game? Donkey Kong. Go figure.

Always nice to hear the father of console video games talk about the art form.

[Source: MTV Overdrive]


  1. Arrrrrr!! I am a pirate!

  2. Its good to see with all that is going on in the games industry that the greats are still the greats.

    Rockstar has their shock factor, but when that wears off Grand Theft Auto will never age as well as Mario and Donkey Kong and Zelda have.

    This was definatly a good interview, but you have to wonder if that is what Miyamoto REALLY said about the people who copycat video games. I would have said some NASTY stuff at that 😉

  3. Does it look to anyone else like he has mickey mouse ears?
    Because if he does, he’s just that much more of a badass…

  4. Haha. Yeah the Gamecube lid sets it off.

    He talks trash while wearing the Mickey ears…classic bad ass.

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