Newest Pokemon X/Y Character Revealed



Looks somewhat familiar, huh?  Debuting earlier today on Japan’s Pokemon Smash, This guy is the latest Pokemon to be revealed for X and Y.  Could this be an evolution of Mewtwo, or a possible Mewtrois?  The PokeGods are being a bit secretive about his identity, leaving it up to our speculation for the time being.  What are your thoughts?

Also, The title of the video is “A New Pokémon with a Familiar Look!”, which supports that this is NOT Mewtwo, or another form of him.  It does not say that it is not a new evolution.  However, it does seem to hint that it is a completely new Pokemon.

Also, for those that might say that this isn’t a new Pokemon, I think Kotaku put it best…

Note – Seeing a lot of comments saying it’s not a new Pokémon, but a new form of Mewtwo. As far as the Pokémon is concerned, a new form or evolution of an existing Pokémon is a new Pokémon. Squirtle is a Pokémon. Blastoise is a Pokemon, and not just Squirtle’s new form. Now quit it.


10 Responses to Newest Pokemon X/Y Character Revealed

  1. Zacko says:

    I hate to be “that guy”, but in Pokemon terms, a new form still qualifies as the same Pokemon. This form of Mewtwo will still be named Mewtwo, and will have the Pokedex number of 150. Switching forms is different from evolution as well, as the latter involves a changing of name and Pokedex number. Therefore, a new forme isn’t a new Pokemon, it’s a new form. As a reference, see the different forms of Shaymin.

  2. Seriously? says:

    Zacko, it isn’t even known if this is a mewtwo. This could be something completely different. And form/evolution are often interchanged. And anytime. Pokémon evolves it gets a new number and name. He/she did not just put on a jacket and pants, his tail moved from his anus to his head!

    I don’t believe this is mewtwo. Why change him?

  3. Lord Lemmy says:

    I think we’ve found Lucario’s replacement in the next Smash Bros.

  4. JoelIsDrowningInLemonade says:

    looks pretty cool!

    I want X/Y to come already!

  5. Essel Pratt says:

    Here is an interesting theory from my friend Brian…

    ” Just like how people speculated that Ditto was a failed Mewtwo, this could be one as well that could need an item like “Mew’s Eyelash” to evolve into a fully realized Mewtwo.”


  6. Drahken says:

    Ewwwww. Friggin’ no. It’s so gross looking. It’s one thing for this disgusting mongoloid monstrosity to exist. But if it’s an evolution of Mewtwo I’m going to, um….. be real upset? I guess? It looks sorta like Frieza. Except, you know, which a giant tentacle coming out of his head.

  7. Lord Lemmy says:

    I honestly don’t see ANY resemblance to Frieza other than color scheme, which Mewtwo already had. If anything, Mewtwo looks a LOT more like Frieza than this.

  8. Drahken says:

    Yeah, I suppose you’re right.

  9. Lord Lemmy says:

    Even so, you don’t have to like this new pokemon if you don’t want to. I like it, though. 😛

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