Black and White Sunday approaches

March 6 is one week away. For me, that means goodbye $34.95 plus tax.

Yes, I’m falling for it again. I’m picking up Pokemon Black/White with the slim hope that maybe…just maybe…it’ll offer something fresh in its gameplay and plot beyond the graphics overhaul.

On the other hand, it’s a no-lose situation. Even if the experience is 99% the same, I’m pretty much guaranteed a polished, well-paced, humor-filled romp through a highly enjoyable fantasy world.

I’ve never been disappointed by a classic Pokemon RPG (well, beyond the ridiculous sameness between editions). I like the concept; it’s ingenious and evergreen. I like the world–pollution-free, and no crime except for the occasional Poke-napping or World Domination scheme. I don’t care about catching ’em all; I’d rather just level up a stable of a dozen favorite creatures, finish the story, and be done with it.

And, about fifty percent of the Pokemon are generally charming and fun to collect and evolve. The others look like the game developers blew their noses, added eyes to the result and passed them off as new Pokemon, but not everyone can be a Charizard, I guess.

And, as a bonus, there’s the sleep-aid factor; nothing…and I mean nothing cures insomnia for me better than classic field-wandering level-grinding in a Pokemon game.

Eh, who am I kidding–I still like Pokemon. Beyond all the merchandising and franchise-milking, the RPGs remain excellent games.

So, how about you? Anyone else revisiting this franchise on Sunday? Picked your starter yet?