Attempting to Explain the Trade from Black and White to Black 2 and White 2

As with every main-series Pokémon game, Black 2 and White 2 will undoubtedly feature the ability to trade Pokémon with their previous installments. However, this time around, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how the games justify the act of the trade. Seeing as the games belong to the same generation of games (the fifth), moving Pokémon from game to game will surely be done through simple...

Review: Black & White represent Pokemon at its best

You’ve crossed the desert to find the Vegas-like city of Nimbasa in turmoil as the Pokemon-rights thugs wreak havoc. They’re hiding in the amusement park. You really should take action right now, but”¦You have a chance to feature your Pokemon in that stage musical across the street, and you want to see how your Krokorok looks in a top hat. Saving the world can wait. Welcome to the weir...

Nintendo presents Pokemon: The Launch Experience

In my quiet little town, I moseyed over to grab a copy of Pokemon Black this morning and joined a line of Nintendo fans of all ages and backgrounds–kids, college students, parents, military–all in a great mood and all speculating about just how much cash Nintendo was raking in today.

Black and White Sunday approaches

March 6 is one week away. For me, that means goodbye $34.95 plus tax. Yes, I’m falling for it again. I’m picking up Pokemon Black/White with the slim hope that maybe…just maybe…it’ll offer something fresh in its gameplay and plot beyond the graphics overhaul. On the other hand, it’s a no-lose situation. Even if the experience is 99% the same, I’m pretty mu...

Infendo presents: The most epic black Wii unboxing the Internet has ever seen

Gather ’round, kids. Let’s unbox the new black Wii! (Click images to advance slideshow.)