New footage of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy emerges out of Nintendo Direct. Will the game make an English language appearance?


I find it perplexing that we still have no official announcement for release of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy here in North America, but that seems to be the way these things go with what some would consider to be niche titles. Regardless, I will be getting my hands on Bravely Default one way or another, even if it means importing a Japanese console to do so.

The gameplay of Bravely Default looks to be on par with your typical Japanese RPG, but the music and art style are what really stands out for me. If the story can stay compelling for the 40+ hours that are usually required of an RPG of its caliber, I think Square-Enix have themselves a hit on their hands.

Does this footage of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy do anything for you? Will you pick it up if the game games Stateside?

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