Name that company

Hey! A little game to start off our Tuesday. What fun! Here it goes. It’s pretty simple: Guess the mystery company using the clues provided.

Did you say Sony, circa the launch of the PlayStation 3 or PSP Go? Wrong answer.

41 Responses to Name that company

  1. ZeroChrome says:

    Aha, I see what you did thar.

  2. deepthought says:

    wow ouch! hopefully nintendo can restore some of our optimism at E3… i have no real loyalty to microsoft so this is nintendo’s chance to win me back!

  3. Sam says:

    fledgling is a little harsh. and try “year” in advance, not years. besides that… right on

  4. Stan says:

    Nintendo has a track record of releasing failures at the height of their success. The Virtual Boy, the GameCube, and now the 3DS. They will recoup with Project Cafe, though. I can feel it in my bones.

  5. Mohan says:

    Is it Sega? 😉

  6. Jack says:

    @Sam: 1.5 years from now we’ll see it. Maybe. I round up a .5 Sue me! And Nintendo is certainly talking like a company with a fledgling handheld, are they not?

    @deepthought: I agree. And I think they can. E3 will be interesting. Consider this post partially reverse psychology. A kick in the pants.

  7. bignrulz says:

    I come to Nintendo sites to get away from people [email protected]#$%ing about nintendo.
    every other site puts nintendo down.
    This used to be my home page, not anymore.
    i dont mind discussing nintendos short falls,(and there are many) but
    you just go full on other camp complaining about the big N.
    im sick of it, i dont want to here it here. this WAS my escape.

  8. Josh says:

    You guys, I think you’re getting confused on what the word fledgling means…

    fledgling industries: emerging, emergent, sunrise, dawning, embryonic, infant, nascent; developing, in the making, budding, up-and-coming, rising.

    This is exactly what the 3DS is.

  9. Jack says:

    @bignrulz let me know how the door feels when it hits you on the way out. Thanks!

  10. authur says:

    Re: your first point. I read the linked article and can’t find where Iwata blamed the customers. He said that less-than-expected sales were a result of people not understanding the technology, but I think I would have meant it from a marketing/business perspective (i.e. “we could have done more to help people understand”)

  11. Blake says:

    The elusive Fanman. He’s back!

  12. stockdalerb30 says:

    @Jack, first of all no need to be rude to the guy who said he came to this site to get away from Nintendo bashing. Second of all as I recall Iwata also stated that they need to do a better job marketing the 3DS. Next a rumored $400 console? Its also been rumored at 300 and 350. Nintendo never ignores the competition your insane if you think so. And obviously you didn’t read the Iwata’s updated comments on the situation where he clears up misunderstandings many people like your self are saying what he said. And not only that you can say things are not going well but lets be honest. Out of all the systems out right now. The Wii and 3DS have the least amout of software releasing it and yet their actually selling pretty well. In the first 6 months of the NDS it sold 6 million units. In the first Month or so of the 3DS it has sold More than 3.6 million units. Nintendo set the bar a little high. People will pick up the 3DS when more software comes out for it.

  13. mrredstuff says:

    people love to moan

  14. JMC611 says:

    >Rumored $400 next-gen console.

    Wasn’t the 3DS rumored also to be $400 dollars?
    Just saying.

  15. L0cky says:

    why are so many people calling the 3ds a failure , we all know it wouldnt have much games the first couple of months before launch .

    yes the handheld is a bit pricey but i still think it has a lot of potential that will be unlocked in the near future.

  16. devor3 says:

    Why is it with Infendo these days? Seems more Hatendo than Infendo! Most sites just slam Nintendo everytime they can. And i became a fan of this website because i thought they loved Nintendo as much as i do. So what’s wrong? I don’t like Sony or Microsoft but i’m not talking crap about them. Why? Because i don’t care!
    I’m a Nintendo loyal fan and I really do hope for Nintendo to shut your mouths this E3! There’s only whining in this site. I’m sure if Nintendo does everything you whine about even then you wouldn’t be happy about it!. 3DS is not selling. You guys are complaining as if the console would’ve been out for a 3 years and no good releases yet!. It’s only been a couple of months! It took a while for developers to get the hang of the original DS and for it to sell good. All i can say is have a little patience and faith….

  17. Kannon says:

    Oh, Jack. You know this is the cycle of success and failure in this industry. There is no mountaintop, simply cliffs waiting for the next climb upward or slip and fall downward. There will always be a cry out for the underdogs and the successful will always be the villians.

    Nice little quiz though.

  18. Artefacto says:

    Blame the customers for lower than expected sales.
    – Is a horrible way of summarizing the article. What Iwata was saying is that customers that already own a 3DS may not be aware of all the preinstalled software and that some people don’t realize their value. It’s hard to convey all the features of the 3DS to unaware consumers. THAT’S what it says. And so, people who could buy a 3DS if they understood its value are not buying it since they don’t understand it. For that, Nintendo blames itself for not explaining it properly to most people, not people themselves.

    Fledgling handheld.
    -Oh my, in the middle of April people aren’t buying that many 3DS’s with very little software releases on the horizon? What a surprise! Nintendo is doomed! Doomed!

    Rumored $400 next-gen console.
    -Just rumors. Also, if Sony can barely afford a $300 5 year old PS3, isn’t it reasonable for Nintendo to price a stronger next gen hardware at a similar price?

    Ignore the competition, label it insignificant or kiddie or even dangerous to the industry.
    -Read the article at least before using wording like this to describe it. Nintendo doesn’t ignore the competition, it just has a broader view of what competition is. It never said smartphones are insignificant or kiddie since they clearly had a large priority in Iwata’s GDC speech – and the danger to the industry is real. Dedicated handheld gaming devices do have a threat from the smartphone gaming are where people’s expectations of games are 99 cent prices and may look at retail gaming as too costly afterwards.

    Use weird doublespeak and borderline lies in your press releases when things aren’t going well.
    -Jim Sterling. Enough said. The guy can hate kittens if he needs to write an article about them. All Nintendo said was that they improved the supply chain to prevent massive sellouts. It may have backfired since the demand wasn’t as high as they thought, but it was still a lot of units sold for a handheld with few games, and outside holiday season. DS took about a year to really take off, and it’s been less than two months.

    Announce new hardware years in advance via a controlled press leak instead of making it immediately available to normal folks in intimate Ambassadors settings within people’s homes.
    -Don’t even see the point of saying that.

    devor3, I hear you. It seems that what passes as ‘intelligent passion’ these days in Infendo is ‘cynical criticism’. I know it’s not a perfect company, and it doesn’t make the best moves (late e-shop anyone?) but this is like scrapping the barrel and pass it as gourmet caviar for sophisticated audiences to eat.

  19. Josh says:

    devor3, why should we have faith? We all love Nintendo here, but we are also very concerned about their future and why shouldn’t we be? It seems like Nintendo is bringing less and less innovation and more and more regurgitation. Less games are being released and those that are seem to be lazily developed. Pilotwings is half baked, Zelda and Star Fox 3DS are simply remakes. There is nothing besides Zelda to look forward to coming to Wii. They seem to be ignorning Apple and are not improving their terrible online experience. Will I have to pay $400 just so I can play a remake of Wii Sports in HD? I hope not.

  20. ghettoska says:

    Just give me something to play! I cannot wait till that thing is glued to my hip and I cannot stop playing it. As soon as I have got something to show off on the thing everyone I know will hear about it. Like I want to play the damn thing so bad I have thrown DS cartridges in it just to get some use out of it.

    Everyone was screaming about the battery life at launch and I probably haven’t got the thing down more than halfway, because I don’t have anything new to do on it anymore.

    I don’t know what they are going to do about this content issue, but I hope its big because out of any console release, this I’d definitely the one I got the least amount of use out of.

    Just checked my 3ds and the big time winner was steel diver! With a whopping 2 hours and 39 minutes of total gameplay! I could have potentially played that in one sitting if the game was fun…

  21. HyperSonic says:

    I noticed that most of these jabs were directed at stuff having to do with handhelds, and not the consoles (other than the pricing one?). The DS did sell more, but I wonder, did a lot of those sales come from the first two iterations, the DS “Phat” and Lite? I’d imagine a lot of people found it worth the extra money to get a smaller handful of Nintendo. Either way, the consoles are going to be the centrepiece in the near future, methinks.

    Being rational, I know that most of these jabs are fun in nature, and many lulz were had.

    To be fair, Sony is WAY worse with the press. I have nothing against the PS3 (I don’t own one) as a platform, but the Sony division behind it were dropped on their heads eight too many times. I swear, they lock Tretton in a closet for a few months at regular intervals before releasing him to the press.

  22. devor3 says:

    Artefacto: Thanx! Agreed. Josh: I know. I think Nintendo is rehashing stuff. But in the the case of oot i love it, it’s my favorite game of all time. And in the case of star fox 64 3D i welcome it, i’d rather have that than staf fox adventures or assault. I think it’s being done to reboot the franchise and to brinck it back to it’s original format. On the Apple thing: What do you expect? For Nintendo to copy paste whatever Apple is doing? You have to undertsand Nintendo it’s a VIDEO GAMES COMPANY who does that: Videogames! Microsft they are a PC company. Sony well they even make forniture. And to simply put it to rest i will tell you one thing: If you don’t like Nintendo don’t slam it. DON’T BUY their games. As simple as that. I don’t like Sony and i’ve never owned a PS in my life! But I don’t join PS sites just to talk crap about it. I don’t join because i don’t care. If i have stuck with Nintendo it’s because their games make me happy. And i love every friggin’ franchise nintendo has published and even if cafe sucks techwise i’ll still buy it. Why? Because as a loyal fan i’m there in the good and the bad times.

  23. Blake R says:


    It’s finally nice to see someone else who shares this opinion. Infendo’s really taking a turn for the worse by being just another site devoted to senseless bashing and I will make my homepage which doesn’t resort to such annoying tactics. I seriously recommend it for anyone who wants even handed opinions and news. Good bye Nintendo, sorry to see you’ve taken the IGN approach

  24. Artefacto says:

    “devor3: On the Apple thing: What do you expect? For Nintendo to copy paste whatever Apple is doing? ”

    I see this all the time. People always say that Nintendo ignores Apple, but it’s not the case at all. They just won’t copy their strategy because it doesn’t belong with Nintendo’s gaming philosophy. Nintendo won’t submit to free or cheap games only in the near future at all. There are so many apps that are single/simple games comparable to browser flash games, and that doesn’t sit well with Nintendo to bring over to their handhelds. They will answer that with their efforts with the eShop though. Smaller games, 3DS apps, integrated promotion within the shop and not on a different channel. They control the shop much closer than what Apple is doing because they care more about quality rather than quantity.

  25. Sam says:

    if the 3ds had launched before christmas, it would have been a massive success. as it stands now, there is not enough software to establish a HUGE customer base. that will change this summer and into the fall when they drop their prices on the eve of NPG’s launch date.

  26. authur says:

    @Blake R
    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been looking for an alternative.

    Unsubscribing from this site. Thanks for the good reporting guys, when it happened. I’d just rather not read these comment baiting posts anymore.

  27. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Who let the troll post? Huh, I wasn’t aware Infendo allowed such uneducated things to be topics. Hmm… Loves Nintendo huh? I’m certainly not feeling it. Nintendo bashing time huh? Seems to be the trend… So Jack, just guessing you did drugs in high school cause everyone else was doing it to huh? Pretty cool man, pretty cool. *thumbs down*

  28. CM30 says:

    If the 3DS had launched with better games it would have been a bigger success, with a Christmas time launch just amplifying that.

    But people, keep in mind that while it does seem like this post is some ‘Nintendo bashing’ article/comment bait/whatever, remember that at present, Nintendo isn’t doing what it should be doing to succeed even more. Their mindset seems to have changed (the 3DS for example certainly seems like ‘3D’ was added purely because of a past 3D obsession rather than demand). It’s right to point out that Nintendo aren’t doing too well at the moment, and not to try and act optimistic and pretend everything’s fine like a fan copy of Nintendo Power.

    On a more cynical note, I don’t blame for them posting this. It’s not like there’s much other Nintendo related news coming out until E3, so apart from rumours and speculation, there’s not much they can post.

  29. deepthought says:

    i think people should feel free to give their honest opinions. infendo should not be limited to the cheerleaders, whether you post articles or comments.

  30. Jagsrock95 says:

    It’s the way the article is written that makes It come across as a bitter fanboy whining because he has to wait till June to play games on their 3ds. Sure its a valid complain but it could have been expressed in a way that doesn’t come of as a senseless bashing. Most the points that were made were not valid at all. Seriously this should not be on the front page of a site with the tag line ”intelligent passion for all things Nintendo.” Even if this was bashing Sony it would have no place on this site.

  31. HyperSonic says:

    Should I be surprised that no one sees this as a playful jab at Nintendo, for comedic purposes? I found this funny. And I love Infendo and Nintendo.

  32. Arjen says:

    I read the article, and began to list arguments in my head… and then Artefacto beats me to it. For the, what now, third time?

    Anyway, yeah.

    One important thing, Infendo. I’m a little tired of your ‘it’s about intelligent passion, so we’re not blind if we’re negative’ card. If you’re obviously wrong, you’re obviously wrong. This article is obviously just to stir controversy.

  33. mlove99 says:

    @Blake R
    Thanks for the recommendation. Won’t go as far to say I’ll unsubscribe from Infendo but it’s nice to have an alternative 🙂
    My Nintendo News looks promising!

  34. Mustache Killer says:

    you should call this site nintendo bash because thats all i’ve gotten from you guys for the past few weeks. you guys need to suck it up and stop acting like babies because you don’t get what you want. Probably an only child. I thought this was a fan site not a hater site. you guys really need to get your shit together here.

  35. Soma says:

    Infendo, trolling? Really? I didn’t expect that from this site!


  36. droop says:


    More like tunnel-vision jackass..

  37. Mattiac says:

    What’s wrong with you, Jack?! 🙁

  38. go-getter says:

    Wow this place gets worse and worse.

    Nice on ya, Jack to blame the 50% of people who commented to “let the door hit them on the way out.” Classy. Oh well, too bad about Infendo. I also like the complete issue dodge about the “defective by design” campaign from Jack about Apple stuff. They do the same stuff, as does Sony, Google (Like Google Analytics which this site probably uses), Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

    From a high-quality website in 2005 to sensational clickbait in 2011. Nothing lasts forever I guess.

    I recommend these two sites as alternatives.

    Both run by the same guy. ONE guy with TWO blogs, who can keep posts relevant and topical, and is quicker than Infendo, who has a whole team of people who seem lately devoted to clickbait and fluff.

    This man is hungry fro readers, as opposed to Infendo, who likes to start fires in their readership.

  39. Skotski says:

    It is technically bashing considering that the titles of the links weren’t exactly what the information on the site talked about.

    Also… consider this…
    You’re saying that Nintendo changed… because they made the 3DS more out of their fascination with the 3D rather than demand. But look at this, where was the demand for the NES?
    Where was the demand for Gameboy? Nintendo Wii?

    The Video Game Industry crashed and burned before Nintendo revived it, there was no demand for its stepping-in. It MADE the demand by providing the supply.
    Same went for Game Boy. Not everyone demanded handheld gaming, Nintendo just brought it and everyone loved it.
    Motion controls WERE NOT what people were looking forward to. If you remember the end years of the PS2 and Xbox, many were arguing that traditional controls should stay – and that mind-control tech (which was being developed) was the way to go, NOT motion control.

    Same goes for 3D gaming… (though there was a dramatic increase of interest in 3D because of 3D movies)

    And think about it: motion control… 3D… the original idea of Virtua Boy.
    Does any of this look familiar? It’s the idea of AN IMMERSIVE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE. The idea of VIRTUAL REALITY.
    Not the kind you plug your brain into, but the kind you step into and enjoy the immersion.

    It’s STILL the same attitude of Nintendo. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  40. fuwhabuduhjuh says:

    I don’t think you understand how writing for a fan site works.

  41. HyperSonic says:

    And I don’t think anyone understands that this is (likely) meant as a joke. If I could underline “joke,” I would.

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