Coming Soon: Tuesday Time Warp

With the sad departure of our beloved editor, Holly Fellmeth, and the increasingly busy lives of the rest of the Infendo staff, the pages of Infendo have been eerily silent as of late. Do not fear, great things are on their way.


One of these things is a new bi-weekly feature, beginning next week, entitled “Tuesday Time Warp.” This new feature will focus on retro games, particularly the golden era of the 80s and 90s. The structure of this feature will vary, one week it may be a top ten list of some sort, the next week it may be a deeper focus on a single game, another week it may be a unique historical article. “Tuesday Time Warp” will hopefully be an enjoyable revisiting for some, and a fun introduction for others, introducing them to games they may have skipped, or in some cases not even been old enough to enjoy. Look forward to jumping back in time soon.

Game reviewer for Gaming for 20+ years. Devoted Nintendo fan. Favorite system: SNES Favorite games: 1. Chrono Trigger 2. Earthbound 3. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 4. Super Mario Bros. 3 5. Final Fantasy VI


  1. A top ten lists for specific genres would be awesome. I’m always looking for some old lost or forgotten adventure games to play.

  2. Did Holly leave? 🙁 Why? I’ll miss her!


  3. Whats the intro song to episode 342 it sounds awesome and i need the name, thx.

  4. @Aaron The intro song used for 342 was the smash bros version of Gaur Plains from Xenoblade Chronicles.

    Also apologies for the lack of episodes recently, everyone’s schedule is a little chaotic at the moment.

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