“My World My Way” Pouts it’s way to Victory

Elise is a princess, and she always gets her way – that’s how being a princess works.  So of course, when she decided she wanted a boyfriend, her father hosted a ball in her honor, and she had her pick of every prince from every kingdom throughout the land – but things didn’t work out the way she planned.  The only suitor she deemed worthy was an adventurer, not a prince – and his love came with a condition – Elise would have to become an adventurer herself!

Atlus’ upcoming role playing adventure for the Nintendo DS, My World My Way, follows the adventures of Elise as she tries to prove herself to her would-be love.   As a princess, Elise not only has the traditional HP and MP in battle, but also PP, or “Pout Points,” to whine,cry, and charm her way to victory.

“My world, My way,” is a title that embodies the stuck up, prissy princess attitude, and Atlus is milking the concept for all it’s worth.  In addition to the traditional magic and swordplay common the the genre, Elise has the power of pout!  In yesterday’s press release, Elise gave insight to just what a good pout can accomplish:

“Is the area ugly, or plain old stupid? I’ll make it pretty. Monsters too strong? Maybe I’ll knock ”˜em down a few levels. Are they being stingy with items or money? Whatever, I’ll pout it out of them! And ya know what I really hate? Grinding. When the experience points aren’t coming fast enough, I can make the monsters give me more, or just pout until the monsters are stronger. Best of all, if those pesky villagers ask me to do some lame ‘go fetch’ quest, well, if I’ve got the Pout Points, I can complete it, right there on the spot! …Don’t ask how!”

“Who says pouting never solved anything!?”

Players will be able to use “Pout Points” to alter the landscape to reach different areas, enemies or items, earn more experience points, or even skip quests that seem boring or get in the way of moving on to the next part of the game.  It looks like a cute twist on the classic RPG, and it definitely fits into Nintendo’s “DS for Girls” marketing.

My World My Way makes it’s way to American shores in early February.