New Big Budget RPG For Wii U?

New Big Budget RPG For Wii U?

After a hectic ending to the work week, I took full advantage of the three day weekend.  I had hopes of finishing TWEWY for the iOS (I strongly recommend it, especially if you have not played the original.  Also, I don’t want to spoil but it appears as though the sequel we wanted might be on its way!) although I had almost zero gaming time.  In fact, my Saturday was spent watching Notre Dame destroy Navy (I work on campus, so I have to root for them, right?) and then the rest of my day/night was spent watching the Lifetime Movie Network, lame right?  Sunday was not much more exciting, in fact the only change was the channel to the Oddities Marathon.  Just me, my wife, and nothing to do but relax.  I am completely okay with my wasted, lazy weekend.

Now the workweek has hit us again, and news of a new “big budget” fantasy RPG has surfaced.  Normally, we see leaks of such games in interviews, at trade shows, or even patents and/or teaser sites.  This one was actually leaked via a job posting.

The Job listing only references the Wii U and no other consoles, although it is in reference to “innovative peripherals”, so other consoles are not completely ruled out.  The picture above, known as the Dark Witch, is the only hint at content and it is listed as “an artwork fro one of our artists”, so it might not even be for this game (although I would assume it is).  Regardless, it is fantastic to see that a company is creating a team and budget to work on a new fantasy RPG  for the Wii U.  The project is stated to be announced between October and December 2012.  Although the thought of a new game always gives me goosebumps, I should state that the game is not officially confirmed, and until there is an official announcement anything could happen.  Even with an official announcement, it could still take decades (exaggeration) to complete (Cough…Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

Based on the artwork above and the job description below, what are your thoughts?

C + + Developer – Medieval Fantasy RPG

Of IS in Montreuil

Number: 20120703bEIT

The Project 
The project is not a video game announced, an RPG fantasy big budget (several million) on PC / Mac / console. He is currently in pre-production and you will join the team at the beginning of the adventure.

An artwork from one of our artists

The Post 
Depending on your profile and your experience, you will be working on one or more of the following:

  • Game Engine
  • system mods and mods
  • S DLC
  • innovative peripherals (including Wii U)
  • cross platform mobile promotional purposes (C, Marmelade, iOS, Android)

All elements of the project are based on proven technologies (prestashop, etc).


  • passionate video game
  • experience (professional, personal, academic) a point of the compulsory notification
  • languages: C, C + +
  • an interest in the game development community or mods is more

The personal project is a plus and you apart from other applicants.


  • internship (under agreement, full-time)

Pre-employment training only one student per class maximum, we want to recruit CDI interns that we welcome.

Dates and Venue 
Jobs from July 2012 Paris Montreuil. 
Line 9 metro station Robespierre.

Send when applicable:

  • CV
  • online portfolio / portfolio PDF
  • personal achievements (screenshots or PDF link to a website or online video, not executable)

At the following address:

marc.kruzik (at) gmail (dot) com (or contact form when applicable)

  • put the contract in question in the title of the mail with the position sought (eg “[stage] Prestashop Developer”) (when applicable)
  • quote the offer number (usually at the top of the message, eg “20120629ONI”)
  • applying only in your area of expertise
  • do not contact us via private message / chat
  • you can ask questions, but not in your first email that is reserved for your application

You will receive more information as and when measuring the recruitment process.

The Company

IS is a company being created based on Paris Montreuil. The team is mainly composed of veterans of the gaming industry and has an internationally recognized expertise in the field. 
Details will be publicly disseminated at the announcement to the press, between October and December 2012.

Recent Offers to IS 

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