What is your favorite video game genre?

Fighting, role-playing, roguelike, racing, platformers. There are just so many genres in the video game world that it can be hard to pick a favorite. From time to time, I like to think over all the games I have played over the years, and decide which genre suits me best.

In all honesty, it is very hard for me to choose a favorite. Admittedly, because of their very nature, the genre I have most likely poured the most time into has been the RPG. From Pokémon to the Tales
series, there is just so much to see and explore in these types of games. I’m not sure, however, that I would classify the genre as my favorite, but I sure have had a great deal of enjoyment in playing RPGs.

If I was forced to pick, I would have to say that my favorite genre would have to be the action-puzzler in the vein of The
Legend of Zelda. I simply love the mental stimulation that games like Zelda and Darksiders bring to the table, so much so that games like Resident Evil and Portal are some of my favorite of all time.

So what is your favorite genre and why? How hard is it for you to pick?

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I’m with you on the action-puzzlers like Zelda. I’m also really glad that you mention “Tales of”; it’s one of the most underrated series in my opinion.

  2. XCWarrior says:

    RPGs. You generally get the best story, some crazy level up trees as your skills advance, and by far the most bang for your buck.

    Puzzle games though are a close second. The number of hours I’ve put into Tetris are probably uncountable.

  3. Milo says:

    I would go for Action-puzzler-Zelda-Portal too, or Metroidvania adventurey stuff first, they’re what I have the best memories of.

  4. Essel Pratt says:

    I tend to lean towards RPG genre. Whether retro or new, I find my self immersed in the storyline.

  5. InvisibleMan says:

    It’s turn-based strategy for me! That genre has always been on my top three, but the recent release of Fire Emblem: Awakening propelled it to the top.

    What can I say? I’m old!

  6. theadza says:

    Jrpg Turn based would probably be it for me. Even though I have probably spent more time playing other genres, and having a very personal dislike of some RPGs that stray too far from the classic formula, the time I have spent in my favourite jrpgs just can’t be matched.

    Skies of Arcadia, FFVII, Dragon Quest 4,6,8 and 9, and now Ni No Kuni, these are just amazing worlds to be a part of.

    To rank my favourite genres it would be something like this.

    1- jrpg
    2- action/adventure
    3- platformer
    4- arcade racer/kart racer
    5- puzzle/puzzle adventure
    6- Survival Horror
    Last place- First person Shooter.

  7. Alex Ashraf Rushdy says:

    Fighters and run n guns. I love games that offer a near insurmountable challenge that cause you to think on your feet. It’s exhilarating. And so incredibly rewarding to beat a game you never thought you could or beat an opponent you thought unbeatable!

    My least favourite is Adventure games. The puzzles so inherently illogical and frustrating and I HATE backtracking and fetch-questing. A shame because these games often have fantastic atmosphere. I guess I just have to play them with a strategy guide by my side… It ruins the fun/immersion but its the only way to get through sometimes… :/

  8. Blue says:

    Easy choice. Strategy RPGs. Fire Emblem is the best.
    Pokemon and Runefactory (Harvest Moon) are also great time wasters for me that I enjoy but FE tops my list.

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