Which Nintendo voices do you love or hate?

Some Nintendo characters speak eloquently, some squawk, and several say nothing at all. The sounds have become as familiar as old friends: With each new game, you know Mario’s going to charm and annoy you. You know Luigi will make you laugh. You know Yoshi’s going to sound constipated when he flutter-jumps. Some characters bring smiles when they open their mouths, and others just make you wince. Here are my #1 favorite and least-favorite Nintendo voices:

BEST – MARIO AND LUIGI (In their handheld adventures)

Sometimes I wish Mario had a tougher voice: Bob Hoskins was the only positive element in the live-action film. But I can’t deny the quality of actor Charles Martinet’s work: He’s given the plumber a likeable, crowd-pleasing friendliness. His very best Mario performances, however, can be found in the Mario and Luigi handheld RPGs. The hysterical Italian-accented gibberish Mario and Luigi spout in these adventures is worth the price of admission.

Runner-Up – Bowser. Whether roaring pompously or growling English (in Super Mario Sunshine), the Koopa King’s always fun to listen to.


Boy, this was easy. Toad’s a fun character, but police interrogators could play his voice samples to make suspects crack. I know for a fact that you can use his character-select in Mario Party DS to clear a room. Try it: It works!

Runner-Up: Navi. (Hey!)

I believe I’ve chosen well, but I’d love to see your picks for best and worst.

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  1. CZsWorld says:

    Waluigi in SMS: Charged! is my favorite.
    I also like Samus’s new voice, from the trailers at least.
    Rosalina has a pretty sexy voice too haha.
    I also like the sound of Midna’s.

    I really just hate Yoshi’s voice ever since he got one and Tatl is probably more annoying then Navi.

  2. Al says:

    Midna says the funniest things! She has made me laugh time and time again! But the one who I absolutely despise is…. Birdo!! Grrr…

  3. That One says:

    I just have to hate the voices of characters in Diddy Kong Racing DS. They were fine in the N64 version, but now I want to turn those animals into roadkill.

  4. chris_wing says:

    Baby Mario, hate.

  5. Mohan says:

    Toad is horrible!

  6. Kaiser Soze says:

    What a great feature. I’m really glad you want my opinion on this, because there’s something that has been bothering me for a while now. The ‘NEW’ voice of Donkey Kong annoys me in ways I could never have imagined. I just recently played Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat for the Wii, and I seriously wanted to quit the game at times because of his pestering “Ho-Hoouuuyy” outbursts. Perhaps they laugh when they hear his voice at the Nintendo studios in Japan, but I just feel like breaking my wiimote in half everytime he opens his mouth. Please bring back the monkey SFX’ from the original Trilogy and stop ruining, what would have been, great games.

    And in other news, Yoshis sounds always makes me smile. Especially the swallowing sound from ‘World’ and his cheer when he kicks with his legs mid-air.

  7. bananaoomarang says:

    Pit’s new voice is pretty horrific:

    ‘Sorry to keep you waiting’

    ‘bark like a dog’

    ‘arghhhh, go away for another 20 years’

    nevermind, I am sure the game will be great, but I seem to remember in some interview sakuri said that Pit would be joking around as he was fighting. If ‘Bark like a dog’ is a good example of this ‘jokey’ behaviour then I am worried.

  8. Yellow Bear says:

    lubba from mario galaxy 2 pretty annoying. also toadsworth cracks me up from mario sunshine “now now boys dont touch that stuff”-best line ever

  9. baby link says:

    lubba from mario galaxy 2 pretty annoying. toadsworth cracks me up from mario sunshine “now now boys dont touch that stuff”-best line ever

  10. baby link says:

    sorry didnt mean to post that twice

  11. Kale says:

    Tingle always drove me up a wall, even worse than Navi. Let’s not forget how annoying Slippy Toad was in Star Fox 64, and Captain Falcon makes my blood curdle only because he’s so repetitive.

    I agree that Midna is just plain cute (especially her laugh), wish she had her own game… I would so play “The Legend of Midna”.

  12. Kyle says:

    Never understood the Navi hate. Totally unobtrusive IMHO.

  13. Nickius says:

    All the voices in Starfox 64 other than Slippy Toad obviously,

  14. Donkey Kong’s recent voice is extremely annoying, sounding more like Scooby Doo than the DK of the classic Donkey Kong Country games. Princess Daisy’s voice needs no introduction to how bad it is, and the fact certain games like Mario Kart Wii play sound effects/voices for every single possible action makes any playable characters who speak in grunts or weird sound effects like King Boo sound extremely irritating after about ten seconds.

    As for the good voices, definitely Mario’s in all games, Bowser’s in all games but Sunshine and hey, Peach’s voice has never really annoyed me, nor has Yoshi’s. Rosalina has decent voice acting in Galaxy 1 and 2, but not exactly in Mario Kart Wii.

  15. smiley says:

    i hate toad so much!

  16. bananaoomarang says:

    I like navi

    ‘Listen!’ brings nostalgic feelings, she did keep saying the same wthings over and over again though.

  17. Bbelt says:

    Most of them have been covered, so I’ll just throw in Beetle from Wind Waker. I just recently played it again, and he’s kind of annoying. “Thaaaaank you! Thank you.” You’re welcome, shut up!

  18. mrredstuff says:

    marios is best, just him jumping “YA, WAH, WOHOO” is one of my fav past times. =)
    i like links to “STRRRRIIKKKE”

    donkey kongs is annoying , and daisys, and toads, and others.

  19. Ben says:

    This is only one individual’s opinion. I do not find any Nintendo character’s voice annoying in any way. And yet you expect all of Infendo society to agree with you that there are voices so annoying it touches (or crosses) the border the point of hating.
    And Infendo society is agreeing with you.
    And I do not like that whatsoever. I find it offensive.

  20. Dibs says:

    Yes much hate for Slippy Toad of Star Fox 64, was always happy when he was taken out. Also, although I love the series, I hate that Link makes any noise at all. He should be silent.

  21. Josh says:

    Peppy Hare’s redneck voice really irritates me. I like Toad.

  22. Richard says:

    Ben – But which one’s your favorite?

    Josh – Actually, Peppy’s my favorite Starfox character (Maybe ’cause he’s old like me). His southern voice fits. Then again, this opinion comes from a guy who buys each and every downloadable country song for Rock Band 2. 🙂

  23. Ben says:

    Charles Martinet is an amazing voice actor, so I like anything he does (i.e. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi). I also like Yoshi’s current voice (his old voice not so much), as well as Koopa Troopa in Mario Kart Wii and in MK Double Dash.

  24. David says:

    Like: the fish from Zelda: Wind Waker (“Keh?!”)
    Hate: Party Phil from Wii Party (but Wii Party is fun!)

  25. gamecollector44 says:

    Best for me? Umm…
    Favorite: The ENTIRE CAST of Professor Layton Characters 🙂
    Least Favorite: Sonic. :/ His voice never rubbed me the right way. :/

  26. -_Q says:

    I’m another for the hate of “New” Donkey Kong.

    What on earth happened? Hearing that guy thump his chest and do his trademark scream with a jungle sunset in the background back on the SNES was one of the most satisfying things sound-wise in gaming. ALL the sound effects and voices from Donkey Kong Country were absolutely legit and lately I haven’t been able to even PLAY as DK or Bowser due to the horror of their recent voices.

    Bowser and DK in Mario Kart Wii are the worst of all. DK’s new HEE HEE HOO HOO shit is disgusting and physically wrenching.

    Bring back Diddy and DK and give em what they deserve. They are legends.

  27. -_Q says:


    Nothing else about her bugs me but whoever thought that having her shout HI I’M DAISY every single time she does nearly ANYTHING in Double Dash was absolutely nuts.

    On the contrary, I proclaim to the Internet that I LIKE Tingle and Beedle. I think they’re great and delightfully wacky. Everybody hates them. I don’t get it. Especially Beedle, he was awesome.

  28. Shadow95 says:

    Me gusta Yoshi:)

  29. Shadow95 says:

    Dibs, Link es silenciosa, hace ruido ALGUNOS.

  30. Shadow95 says:

    Odio NAVI, Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

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