Is Uprising’s vocal track the boldest design move since Wind Waker?

Kid Icarus Uprising is a fantastic game, but it features an overwhelmingly talkative voice track that could be the most polarizing stylistic decision since Link went all toony in Wind Waker. When players and reviewers comment that Uprising’s characters “never shut up,” they’re not exaggerating. From start to finish of its 10 hour main quest, KIU is one huge festival of banter, jokes, complaints, d...

Which Nintendo voices do you love or hate?

Some Nintendo characters speak eloquently, some squawk, and several say nothing at all. The sounds have become as familiar as old friends: With each new game, you know Mario’s going to charm and annoy you. You know Luigi will make you laugh. You know Yoshi’s going to sound constipated when he flutter-jumps. Some characters bring smiles when they open their mouths, and others just make you winc...

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