Mirror, mirror on the Wii

Want to get dizzy? Try completing the Wii version of Twilight Princess and then go play the GameCube version — they’re complete mirror images of one another!

Said Shiggy: “Although Link is [traditionally] left-handed, at E3 we noticed people seemed to be using the right Wii controller to swing his sword. That’s why we decided to make Link right-handed. The interesting thing is, on the GameCube Link is still left-handed; because of the mirror mode the game map is reversed.”

The strange saga that has been Twilight Princess is mere months from being completed, and I am still confused as hell at what Nintendo is doing with this title. Now they’re going to make me dizzy to boot. Link was a lefty since Ocarnia of Time, but he’s pulling ambidextrous duty in the next-gen. In all seriousness I’ll be picking up the Wii version only, so I won’t have to deal with this… but does it irk anyone else that this title has had so many, well, “stories” associated with it?