BOTW Link and Motorcycle added to Mario Kart 8 DX – Which means…

Isabelle Mario Kart 8 DX

Last week, Mario Kart 8 DX players received a new outfit and vehicle seemingly out of nowhere. Link received a new outfit, his Champion’s Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild (BOTW) and the motorcycle seen in BOTW, The Master Cycle Zero, has also been added as a new vehicle. Of course, everyone who booted up Mario Kart 8 DX this week had the same thought…

Isabelle Has A Brand New Ride

Mario Kart 8 DX Isabelle Dry Bones

That’s right, if it wasn’t obvious enough. This new DLC was meant to highlight Isabelle from Animal Crossing’s strengths, and new players could finally give her a vehicle suitable to her racing and mayoral prowess.

Yes, Isabelle has always been the star of Mario Kart 8. Even before her arrival in the Animal Crossing DLC pack, fans had long-speculated that she would be included, because, duh. She’s a shoe-in for the part.

If Isabelle has one flaw in this title, which she doesn’t, it would be that there was no vehicle that perfectly fit her character and skill set. Until now that is. Enter the Master Cycle Zero, which up until now was stuck in Breath of The Wild, being ridden around by Link, that dirty hobo guy who makes a small appearance in Mario Kart 8 DX as well. But enough about him, let’s talk about Isabelle.

Isabelle Preparing For Her Victory

Mario Kart 8 DX Isabelle Starting

In this screenshot, you can see Isabelle on her newly-acquired and much deserved Master Cycle Zero, preparing for the race to reach its natural conclusion: Victory for Isabelle and defeat for those who would dare oppose her.

Note how the Master Cycle Zero cradles Isabelle on its seat, as if to say “I exist only for you”. Clearly, this legendary vehicle is a perfect fit for Isabelle and nobody else, despite some misguided players attempting to use Link with it. Don’t worry, those players will learn how ignorant they’ve been behaving after they lose to Isabelle.

Isabelle Having A Good Time


Mario Kart 8 Isabelle Flying

Here we see Isabelle doing what she does best – having a wonderful time. As you can see, she’s full of joy, riding around on the Master Cycle Zero as she passes by the competition. Fans of Mario Kart 8 DX may have heard that Isabelle not only has better stats than the other racers, but also gets better items. Of course, this is 100% true. Even when Isabelle gets a basic item like a green shell, observant fans will notice it’s significantly more polished than a traditional green shell, shining more brilliantly and moving straighter than the average, sort of straight green shell a racer like Link might get. Truly, Isabelle is magnificent, no matter what items she receives during a race.

Isabelle Overcoming A Difficult Situation

Mario Kart 8 DX Isabelle

Of course, Mario Kart 8 DX is a cruel game, and alas, sometimes tragedy will even befall poor Isabelle. Obviously, these events will be less so than for common, unimportant characters like Link, but none the less these times are inevitable.

Luckily, Isabelle comes through these moments with a bright smile and unbridled hope for the future. In fact, observant players may notice the sharp fire of determination that appears for a few frames in Isabelle’s eyes any time she’s in a tough spot. The game designers were rumored to have added this feature for believability, as obviously a character as perfect as Isabelle couldn’t be downtrodden or discouraged. And of course, despite this setback, Isabelle took first in this race, as she does in every race.

Isabelle Triumphing Over The Competition

Mario Kart 8 DX Isabelle Winning

Of course, as always, here we see Isabelle in a smart victory pose. Despite winning constantly, Isabelle is never so spoiled as to miss a victory celebration, though she has every right to be. In fact, analysts have determined that Isabelle’s victory animation is actually 27% more energetic than competitor’s animations, especially that garbage-person Link who ranks so far down on the list, they had to add fake characters to it just to bridge the gap between him and the second lowest character (which is just Link in a different outfit).

Observant viewers will notice Isabelle has chosen benevolence for her competitors, despite their defiance in trying to beat her in this race. As such, all opposing racers have been allowed to continue living, at least until Isabelle grows tired of their existence.

What do you think about Isabelle’s new Master Cycle Zero? Will you be racing as Isabelle in your next Mario Kart 8 DX race? Or turning off the game out of shame for not choosing Isabelle? Let us know in the comments below!

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