Review: Lost in Blue (DS)

1up has posted it’s “creative” take on the recent DS title, Lost In Blue. They give the game a 7.5 engaging rating, but I can’t tell if the author is bored with the game by his last drawing.

Also, this game was shipped, not available yesterday according to the store that turned me down. Seems like this is happening a lot lately; giving out a ship date rather than an “in-store” date. Not cool.

[Source: 1up]


  1. I feel you man I went to pick up battalion wars on the ship date and the rep was like we don’t get it in until tommorow. On a related not I have beaten that game and will be selling it on ebay $35 plus 3 for shipping.

    I only accept Paypal so hit me up at if interested.

    Also it is a really fun game but I have beaten it and want to get some dough before Fire Emblem “POR” comes out.

  2. I’ve been playing it for a week give or take.. I haven’t gotten very far because the beginning just fustrates the crap out of me.

  3. Game companys have used that shipping date for the relase date for a long time now. If you notice almost every game is said to be “released” on a monday, meaning that is the offical ship date from the warehouse. In most circulars that the retail stores do everyweek they will usually have a wed or thursday availability on there for the new games that week, because they know they most likely won’t get it to have out before then. So know that most games will appear in stores on wed of the week they come out, sometimes the day before, sometimes the day after.

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