GameCube "Nearing It’s End"

…Like the rest of this generation’s consoles. I read this last week when Nintendo cited the Cube as the reason for it’s missing profit targets. Of course this system is nearing it’s end! That’s expected under the current 5 year life cycle for home consoles. I could be wrong, but with exception of the NES, has it ever been any different?

I guess I just don’t see this as news, rather a no-brainer. Regardless, IMBO* it’s still the best.

[* in my biased opinion, Source: Joystiq]


  1. The GC recieved its world debut in Japan in September 2001 – which makes it just over 4 years old.

    Whereas Nintendo were initially anticipating a lifespan of 8 years for the GC (note, this is not a joke, Nintendo really did say that).

    In the light of this, Nintendo not aiming for cutting-edge hardware on a par with PS3/360 kind of makes sense. Why bother making your h/ware cutting-edge when it won’t even reach it’s full potential due to a limited life-span and shelf-life?

    Sounds like a sound strategy to me(even if I do say so myself).

  2. The eight year comment came out because Sony was saying the same things right before the PS2 launch. Pretty much all of them said that these systems had enough power to last longer then the normal five year span.

    Guess new pretty graphics are the weakness in this indrustry, like sequels and remakes are the weakness in Hollywood..

  3. Once again….I wonder what they are up to with TP….

    You know, I think it’s great that they make new consoles every 4-5 years…
    Not because of the graphics, but because it keeps the competition busy and results in better and different gaming experiences…
    Or maybe the Rev isn’t the GCs successor after all 😉

  4. The GameCube will have a 5 year life span when it’s replaced by the Revolution next fall.

  5. The psONE was diff. It had about a 7 or 8 year life, in some parts of the world it’s still going. As a matter of fact, the NES was just discontinued 2 or three years ago. So they do live on. But trust this: the Cube will continue it’s life. In portable form.

  6. The actual CUBE won’t live on – but its games definitely will, since the Revolution will be capable of playing all GC games. I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but – the GC is going to die. I’m pro-TP theories.. I think they’re going to release Twilight Princess on the launch date of Revolution .. That way:

    A) Many people will be tempted to buy the Revolution AND Twilight Princess since one can play the other, thus sparking more sales.

    B) If they don’t like Revolution, they’ll still have their GCs to go back on.

    C) Nintendo will be receiving some EXTREME sales.

    Now as for a dual-console TP, I’m not so sure… But it’s possible for the game to have some special features unlocked when put into the Revolution!

    It just seems much to strange for Nintendo to push back TP so much – I mean a month, I can understand (they can get a LOT done in a month!) But over 4 .. almost 5 months later?! They must be adding a LOT of stuff!

    Just some thoughts.

  7. Sure, the Cube will live on, but i don’t mean in the Revolution. You’re talking about the Cube’s soul, so to speak, going onto the Revolution. That’s because the Rev emulates Cube games, doesn’t play em. I’m talking about Nintendo taking the Cube’s chipset and putting it into the next GB. So the actual Cube, in essence, will live on.

    As it stands now, Twilight Princess actually has a release date with some chains of the 4th of April. So given that, there’s no chance it’ll launch with Rev. However if Zelda was marketed strongly to be supported by the Rev, it won’t get “EXTREME” sales, but certainly increased ones. Especially when ur talking about current Cube owners, which is a relatively small group. Pretty much all ur ideas are targeted at the GameCube’s existing userbase. Us, basically, and we’re gonna get it regardless. I don’t think there’s anything they can do to make it as huge a seller as it coulda been had it been released in Nov.

    But i do think it’s possible that they’re making it a dual purpose disc with the delay.

  8. Well, first of all, what I wrote was mere speculation (isn’t all of this?)

    And I understand what you’re saying about the “soul” of the Cube living on – whether it be through the next GB or through the Rev, its games will still be played by many.

    By the way, what makes you so sure that the Revolution couldn’t have a Spring launch? If this were true, don’t you think Nintendo would have at LEAST said “2nd half of 2006” or something along those lines, rather than simply “2006” – They really haven’t said anything else.

    And you might say – well they need to do a lot within the next six months then! Yeah, you’re right, they would have to, but Sony is launching the PS3 in Spring 06 (that’s official, by the way) – and there are still a ton of unanswered questions about the system, particularly the PRICE and the details about the harddrive, etc. (They continue to change) – As powerful and cool as the PS3 may be, A) I’m not buying it and B) I have this gut feeling it’s really not going to do too hot.

    So, Rollin, you need to loosen up abit about these POSSIBILITIES I’m suggesting. NOWHERE did Nintendo say they wouldn’t launch in Spring 06 – do I think it’s likely? No – but it’s definitely possible.

  9. Sit up for a second.

    Spring 06 for PS3 is not for North America. It has been declared for Spring in Japan, nowhere else. Sony just ses Spring 06 but they don’t say where unless you ask them, and they’ve been asked. And It’s not even definite yet.

    I’m sure Rev won’t launch in Spring 06 cause Nintendo sed that they won’t be getting it out before PS3. Plus, they’ve sed that E3 06 will be when everything’s playable for everyone and that’s in May. Therefore, it definately won’t launch anytime before Summer.

    I don’t think any of it is plausible except for the dual purpose disc idea. Get me?

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