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Though I can appreciate a good Unreal Tournament session, it looks like Epic Games VP Mark Reign wanted some free publicity and I resentfully give it to him via this post. In a recent remark about Nintendo’s Revolution, the exec said ”[Nintendo fans are in for] the most crappy, cheap, I-wish-I-hadn’t-bought-it gimmicks ever.” I believe many said the same thing about the DS, no?

Fair enough Mark. If Nintendo can’t get the games to play right, it will be a gimmick. But if they do… oh if they do… you just might start making games for a Nintendo console.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. Yeah, he best stay away from the demo booths at E3. Some of IGN’s roadies would think him a monster.

  2. What a fat ass. Like this guy knows anything.

  3. please correct that quote to this s’il vois plait (please in french).

    actual quote:
    ”Dont kid yourself, you’re gonna see more crappy, cheap, I-wish-I-hadn’t-bought-it gimmick games based around that controller than you could ever possibly imagine.”

    Found at 07:51 of the video if you wish to confirm this. I suggest watching the whole thing as well.


  4. He knows that this could possibly make him have to do something innovative.


  5. Maybe if Nintendo buy the Unreal Engine 3 Reign change her mind…

  6. Whatever. not that he is a oracle in gaming. how much has Epic leached the Unreal game? can they make something else? even Camelot tries to do something Besides golf…

    Also, any guy that look like that has to make some embarrasing flame remark once in a while… even if it makes him sound like kissing up to Sony for getting their development system last week so they can start working for Unreal Tournament Christmas Ed.

  7. What a douche. Who cares what he thinks. I like how he backs up his outrageous, immature claim with zero support. I also like how we haven’t seen an official demo for even a SINGLE Revolution game yet, and he’s already passing judgment on it?


  8. I guess we’ll have to get used to comments like this, because one way or the other it is a major departur from the norm. Developers will either get it, and push the limits of ideas and imagination, or they won’t, remaining bogged down in the current miasmic paradigm.

  9. Epic? Are we talkin’ about the company that showed off that crappy Gear Of Wars demo running @ 10 frame per secondon an xbox360?
    ahahaha so why they are shittin on Revo Controller? maybe because they have no ideas?
    You’ll pray to publish game on the revo, fool!

  10. Yeah, I guess we will just have to wait for the games.

    re: vakerorokero
    Cameolot made the ever so badass Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Lost Ages for GBA.

    Waiting for a DS sequel.

  11. I can never understand how people can ack like this! If anything, we can expect the same old shit from EVERY SYSTEM. THe same old thing over and over. Ooohh, another crashing race game, oooooh another FPS, oooooh, Halo 5 and Ghost Recon 57 and Rainbow Six 65. Yes Nintendo does this too, Mario Party 85 for example. THe only problem is that many of these games change very much over the years. SLightly better graphics, but exactly the same! At least Mario Party changes the mingames and some of the mechanics, but shameless sequals like Grand Theift Auto, where the game changes very little in gameplay have no excuse.

    Everyone does the same crap over and over.

    Now, give me a cookie.

  12. Maybe he says this from experience of games they’re working on.

    Seriously though, he does have a point, I’m sure that like with the DS, we’ll see a bunch of games using gimmicky mechanics that make it seem like maybe this wasn’t the way to go in terms of controlling games. But hopefully, as is the case with the DS now, developers will really make use of the hardware without forcibly using features of the machine not necessary to the game.

    Let’s just hope if this is the case, they can overcome the negative feeling sooner than the DS because unlike the DS vs PSP, the revolution will have a much stronger competition and a negative start could greatly affect them. Let’s just hope they announce the regular controller add-on soon so that developers who are too afraid to experiment can make a few ports from the other consoles.

  13. “It’s like comparing watching a ballgame on tv to actually *playing* it.”

  14. I think the tech specs need to be announced before the shell needs to be shown. Cause like Mark sed, lots of devs don’t know what kinda power Revolution wields and only have the general idea that it’s most likely much weaker than 360 and PS3. Therefore, they only speak of those 2 when discussing next gen development matters. So the bigger issue is whether or not the system can accomodate ports, not whether the controller can. It’s much tougher to rework ur engine than to rework ur controller setup.

    Use of the shell should only be as an alternate control option. All traditional types of games should support both the shell and the Revmote; and also be fully customizable. The Revmote/Nunchuk(or other add-ons) combo already lets you play either left or right handed (the unsung feature of the Revolution controller (and DS touch screen)), so let’s take it all the way and let users choose which buttons and gestures do what.

  15. [Edit] “poop on” Mark Reign.

  16. Dude is just upset that he is the VP of a company that is about as creative as a dry pile of catshit. Don’t worry, Mark, we understand.

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