Pokemon Kid

Behold: the phenomenon that is Pokemon. This youngling could be the next Star Wars Kid.


  1. I hope that video is a few years old…..

  2. terrifying!

  3. What the hell is he singing about? Christ, even I want to punch the kid.

  4. I can confirm that this video is several years old. That background music (though not the lyrics he sung) was the original themesong of the dub of the anime. This kid, and others like him, scared even diehard Pokémon fans like myself when we saw their videos.

  5. Archaic: Wow, Bulbagarden is back? I remember a long time ago, back when it still had that green layout. And then the blue layout. And then the white layout, and then the site being gone for a few years…

  6. What a lovely voice! ^_^

  7. the kid has both pokemon ruby and sapphire and a gameboy sp. wasn’t the sp released holidays 04?

  8. Sombody needs to take his parents out behind a woodshed.

  9. Haircut of the year.

  10. Now come on guys, it really isn’t fair to be taking the piss out of retarded children…

    Seriously though, i’m with Nathan someone needs to give his parents a good spanking for leeting that happen.

    Oh and I nearly forgot – What a Mullet!!!

  11. its a girl people…

    not a boy…

  12. *Hopes it’s alright for him to respond to the earlier message, when it’s basically just advertising his site by doing so*

    Anonymous: You’re a bit behind the times. ^^;;; We’ve been up again since December 2003. We just moved to .net, after the original domain was lost to a squatter. Nothing we could do about it, as Chris (a.k.a. Bulba) had vanished again at that point, and he hadn’t actually transferred the domain ownership to me yet.

    In any case…no idea who you are, but enjoy the new Bulbagarden. Assuming you still like Pokémon that is. ^^;; We’ve changed a lot since the old days. Most of the info and news is Wiki based now. We just launched our “BulbaCast” podcasts a month or so ago as well, in co-operation with other major sites and groups in the fandom.

  13. Damnit, I meant 2002.

    Anyway, I have a possible source for this now. This was apparently (I’m Australian, so I’d have no idea myself) showcased on VH1’s “Best Week Ever”, whatever the hell that is.

  14. Hurrah! An actual Pokemon fan making a music video! What a joyous day!

    Oh, and that’s a girl you gender-confused males.

  15. Come on now, let’s be honest. Who’s gender-confused, the commentors or the kid?

  16. How do you know it’s a girl?

  17. I swear he says, “And I’m Hungry Too-oo”. HAHA what a loser.

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