Mario Bros DS Scan

A new Super Mario Bros DS scan is floating around and looks about the same as it always has. Frankly, i’m really psyched for this game, but the scan does nothing for me.

Full size.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. Really? Underwater levels, boos, bullet bills, and that red and white fireball outfit do nothing for you? I think this looks like a classic already.

  2. has news about Reggie’s speech. The DS has voice chat?

  3. The lack of the Raccoon tail from those images is discuraging. I really hope that we see more classic powerups than just the fire flower. If they really wanted to do it right, they would include the Tanuki suit.

    I’m not saying that they should include the Cape from Super Mario World, or the Frog suit, Hammer bros. suit or even the Kuribo’s Shoe – but either the Tanuki Suit or tha Raccoon tail would make me very happy.

  4. ^^ I’m all for the racoon tail, it didn’t make much sense but the cape was kinda lame I thought.

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