Mii Verse Coming To Smartphones and Web Browsers In May


Since it was announced, I have been wondering how Nintendo will incorporate the Mii Verse into the mobile platforms.

During a talk at the Game Developers Conference, Kiyoshi Mizuki (Mii Verse Producer)  confirmed that the Mii Verse will be available on Smartphones and Web Browsers within the next couple of months (May).  At first we can expect an app with basic functionality, such as posting comments, viewing posts, doodling, as well as community participation.  There was no word on when we will receive advanced capabilities, or what those capabilities would be.

I am a bit surprised that we did not see a demo of this at PAX East.  I understand that it is not ready, but a mocked up tech demo would have been interesting to see, and would have raised some excitement around the app.

Mizuki also confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS Mii Verse is still in development, however he did not provide a release date/time-frame.

We all knew that the Mii Verse was going to arrive on the mobile platforms.  However, do you feel that they should complete the app before launching it, or is a basic version okay (assuming they provide consistent updates)?

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