Mercury Meltdown Revolution launches on Wii

Environmental poisons never play by the rules. Just when you think they are rounded up they give you the slip. Today worldwide videogame publisher and developer Ignition Entertainment Ltd. launches Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Wiiâ„¢ home video game system, the addictive, safe gaming alternative to playing with dangerous transition metals. Mercury Meltdown Revolution is rated E for Everyone and is now available at major retailers nationwide for $19.99.

Set within a colorful virtual lab, you’ll guide a silvery mercury blob through more than 150 levels of chemical frolic that tests your reflexes and nerve. Balance the Wii Remote in both hands as you tilt the vividly rendered world of Mercury Meltdown Revolution. Carefully creep the slippery blob through mazes, avoid mechanical obstacles, and balance on wobbly platforms that threaten to toss you into the abyss.

“Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a deep and unique puzzler, taking full advantage of the Wii’s innovative controls,” says Ken Gratz, Director of Product Development at Ignition USA. “This is an essential title for anyone who has a Wii, especially at only $19.99 – you can’t afford not to own it!”

Foresight is a must in Mercury Meltdown Revolution as doors lock out the wrong colored blob. Be ready to handle more than one blob at a time, careful to keep enough mercury in play to complete the level. If you avoid the traps, which can take a chunk out of your blob, you’ll squish and squirm your way to a new Mercury Meltdown Revolution lab.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution is about precision control and timing. This game will have you leaning sideways, backwards, and every which way in the hopes of nudging your blob just ”¦ a little bit ”¦ further ”¦ Or have you crying out loud as your blob lands with a sad splat on the lab floor.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution features:

  • Hidden labs and bonus features ”“ Seemingly endless challenges
  • 480p support ”“ There’s nothing prettier than the gleam of mercury
  • 150+ levels of action ”“ Feed your puzzling need
  • Mini-games galore including Rodeo, Paint, Metrix, Shove and Race
  • Dynamic physics ”“ Shimmy, shake, and shiver like the mercury blob
  • Full integration with the Wii Remote Motion Sensor, plus Classic Controller support
  • A critically anticipated puzzler for $19.99! The deepest game for the fewest bucks
  • Rated “E” for Everyone: A new gaming addiction for players of all ages to pick up and play