Meet the new Brawl challengers – Part 7 – a precocious penguin

questionmarks225.jpg[There are 15 new challengers in Super Smash Bros Brawl. This series will feature each new contender and rank them on their fighting potential with the Infendo Smash-O-Meter! The Smash-O-Meter measures each character (on a scale of 0 to 300) on their uniqueness and potential as a great Brawler. Spoilers are present, so be careful if you wish to remain unspoilt. Big thanks to today’s guest writer: Will]


King Dedede.

King Dedede is the ruler of Dream Land; how he got into that position is a mystery to everyone. He’s also the main antagonist in the Kirby series, and has a strong rivalry with Kirby. Although he’s not exactly evil, he’s very mischievous and causes most of the problems for inhabitants of Dream Land. Dedede also has some skills in common with Kirby, one of those being that he is able to fill his body up with air and fly around.

Game Appearances:
King Dedede has appeared in all the Kirby games except for Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

King Dedede is truely one of those wild card bad guys, who acts within his own interests to get things done. Just like Bowser, he has his own minions and he isn’t afraid to call them in to help him during a battle. Which really says something about his character, since I don’t see Bowser tossing Goombas at you in the middle of a fight. King Dedede’s main attack style is slamming you with his entire body or slamming you with a giant hammer which is as equally deadly.smashometer140.jpg

Based on King Dedede’s minions and mischief, how would you rate him in Brawl?