Meet the new Brawl challengers – Part 4 – a wily enemy

questionmarks225.jpg[There are 15 new challengers in Super Smash Bros Brawl. This series will feature each new contender and rank them on their fighting potential with the Infendo Smash-O-Meter! Spoilers are present, so be careful if you wish to remain unspoilt. Big thanks to today’s guest writer: Will]

wolfsmashometer225.pngWolf O’Donnell

Wolf is the leader of a Mercenary group of pilots under the name Star Wolf. He pilots a ship similar in design to the Arwing’s that Star Fox use, called the Wolfen. He was originally hired by Andross, the main Antagonist of the Star Fox games, to wipe out Fox and his team. He unfortunately failed miserably, thanks to the superior piloting skills of Fox. He has since vowed to get revenge on Fox for his failure, and to show that he is the superior pilot.

Wolf has appeared in many of the Star Fox games, first appearing in Star Fox 2 for the Super Nintendo which soon transformed into Star Fox 64. Wolf is known as Fox’s main rival in the series; he has even gone so far as to help Fox survive so that he can one day get revenge on him. Recently he has subsided his rivalry and feelings of hate for Fox, and has worked alongside him during some of Fox’s missions.

Game Appearances:
Star Fox 64, Star Fox Assault, Star Fox Command

Just like Fox, Wolf is a master of military hand to hand combat. He however has tweaked it with his own style of moves since he uses his claws as weapons. When Wolf was burning with vengeance, he studied fox and his team to understand how to beat them and has developed similar techniques. He has also developed a secret technique that is similar to Fox’s fire fox, where he propels himself upward with great speed.


Based on his skills as a mercenary, and his piloting prowess, how would you rank Wolf?