Meet the new Brawl challengers – Part 11 – a wandering wunderkind

questionmarks225.jpg[There are 15 new challengers in Super Smash Bros Brawl. This series will feature each new contender and rank them on their fighting potential with the Infendo Smash-O-Meter! The Smash-O-Meter measures each character (on a scale of 0 to 300) on their uniqueness and potential as a great Brawler. Spoilers are present, so be careful if you wish to remain unspoilt. Big thanks to today’s guest writer: Will]


Pokémon Trainer

In the world of Pokémon when a child comes of age (usually 10 years old) they can start an adventure by themselves to become a Pokémon Trainer. They usually get their first Pokémon as a gift from the local Pokémon research facility. A Pokémon Trainer’s goal is to become the best they can be, by capturing as many Pokémon as they can and training them to compete in contests varying from battles or in pageants for beauty.

Game Appearances:
Pokémon Fire Red, Pokémon Leaf Green.

Usually a Pokémon trainer has 6 Pokémon on him at all times, however, that doesn’t mean you’re not a trainer if you don’t. Just having one Pokémon on you means you’re a trainer, but usually when entering a tournament of some sort you should have 6. For this Pokémon Trainer to enter the Smash Bros Stadium with only 3, is he insane, or does he have an ace up his sleeve? That ace may be the Charizard he has as one of the three Pokémon, or it might be the other two, Squirtle and Ivysaur. Who knows, but does he have what it takes to own the Stadium?


Based on the Pokémon Trainer’s trained Pokémon, how would you rank him?