Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s 500k Final Smash of Japan

Smash Bors. Brawl sells 500kHas Super Smash Bros. Brawl smashed, clobbered and otherwise surpassed sales expectations in Japan? Seems so, according to some Final Smash-level rumors pouring out of the Far East this morning:

Cubed3 has a translation of a Japanese blog post referencing a purportedly leaked Famitsu sales report that says the highly-anticipated game sold 500,000 copies, or 80 percent of available stock, on its first day of Japanese release.

The sourcing is admittedly not very concrete, but the number does seem plausible given reports of retail shortages and the game’s strong showing on the Amazon Japan charts. Then again, Super Mario Galaxy only sold 250,000 copies (edit: fixed typo) in it’s entire first week of release, and that was during the highly-charged holiday season.

Regardless of the final number, it looks to outsell Galaxy pretty easily. Does this mean all the punditry was wrong once again about the Wii when it drew all of those “conclusions” about Galaxy’s poor first week sales and what it meant for Nintendo and it’s Wii strategy!? Oh me oh my, maybe it does!

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