Mario Mix Possibly Discontinued

There’s a rumor abound that Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix has been discontinued because of technical difficulties with the dance pad. It’s been reported that two moderators on Nintendo’s forums have confirmed it as true.

I guess Nintendo doesn’t see the use in spending the time or money to fix the problems. It was destined for a specific audience anyway, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. The good news is you can still purchase the ones on game shop shelves right now. Better hurry, though. If true, Mario Mix is now officially a collector’s item. Not to mention it’s fun as heck

[Thanks Randy, Source: Nintendo Gal]

[Update: As it turns out, Nintendo only made as much copies of the game and dance mats as needed for their expected sales target. Well, Mario Mix shattered expectations, so when it sold out, there were no more shipments. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait till (early?) next year for them to begin producing it again. You should probably abort that eBay bid now. (Thanks LSSLAVE, Source: Kotaku)]