Three Publishers Going All out to Support the Switch and Three That Aren’t

Three Publishers Going All out to Support the Switch and Three That Aren’t

We are about 7 months into the life of the Switch at this point, and I’m happy to say that the Switch is a major success for Nintendo and that in large part is due to certain publishers going all out to get their games onto the Switch, while others are taking a much more cautious approach to the system. This is understandable to a degree because of the lacking sales of the Wii U however a couple of these publishers seem to be going out of their way to barely support the Switch at all. Here are three publishers that have made a serious effort to support the Switch and three that have been disappointing in their support.

Publishers supporting the Switch


Ubisoft supporting a Nintendo console is hardly a new thing.  The thing that is new with the Switch is Ubisoft working with Nintendo to create a Mario game I don’t think anyone expected. Mario + Rabbids is exactly the kind of game the Switch needs and I hope we see more of these types of crossovers in the future.  They also brought the excellent Rayman Legends and have Starlink coming in the future. The only concern I have with Ubisoft is that Steep appears to be having some development problems but other than that its a really good lineup of games.

2.Square Enix

Square is really throwing almost anything they can onto Switch. They were there day one with I Am Setsuna, and there don’t appear to be any signs of them stopping their support anytime soon. If you were worried there wouldn’t be enough RPGs for Switch, Square has got you covered with Lost Sphere and Project Octopath Traveler set to release within the next year. They also have Dragon Quest Builders coming sometime in 2018. If they could get a couple more of the games set to come out in Japan onto the Switch eShop in North America such as Dragon Quest 11 or Dragon Quest Builders 2, the Switch might just be the next great RPG system to own.


This partnership came out of nowhere as Bethesda has avoided Nintendo consoles for a long time. Skyrim is a huge RPG that can very easily make the you spend 100 hours if not many more finding everything the game has to offer. Being able to take Skyrim on the go was already a huge deal for Nintendo but then they go and a step further by announcing both DOOM and Wolfenstein at a recent direct. They have also said that this isn’t the end of their partnership with Nintendo so here’s hoping for Fallout.

Publishers who are disappointing

3.Activision Blizzard

Skylanders seems to be all we are getting from Activision. The system could definitely use a Call of Duty game, but as of right now Activision doesn’t seem to want to put that game or any others on the Switch. I’m more concerned with the Blizzard side of things as Overwatch would be great on the Switch and I have no idea why Hearthstone isn’t already on the system. I didn’t really expect much from Activision but this is below even what I expected from the company and its very disappointing.

2.Electronic Arts

This one hurts much more than Activision as there are just so many great franchises that EA has that would be great on the Switch. They did send Fifa out but then said that they had to see how that game sold to see if they wanted to further support the Switch. I’m not a fan of this tactic as it almost feels like they are blackmailing fans into buying a game many of them might not like in order to get ones they might like onto switch. I’m sure FIFA will sell just fine and hopefully EA will get games such as Star Wars Battlefront or Mass Effect on the Switch but until then they go into the disappointing side.


As I stated in the with EA im not a fan of companies telling fans that the Their future support on the system depends on one game selling well. EA at least decided to release a new game whereas Capcom decided it was going to release a game that is almost 30 years old and then grossly over charge for it. This is some of the worst business tactics I have ever seen and Capcom should be Ashamed of themselves. It’s such a shame because Capcom has so many great games that would be prefect for the Switch. Monster Hunter has a dedicated following on Nintendo platforms and there are so many franchises like Mega Man that have just been ignored for too long. They did decide to release Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 on Switch but the negativity they have built up from many people is going to take a long time to recover from.