Reggie boasts too hard

News that doesn’t directly affect my gaming habits hardly ever amuses me. Of all the industry news that pours onto the internet daily, sales boasting is at the bottom of the barrel, and more often than not it’s just arrogant corporate mudslinging, no matter who it’s from (with varying degrees of severity, of course). This is one of the less drastic times.

Reggie said:

360 is selling well only in one country: UK. Across the rest of Europe, it is not performing well. Wii on the other hand, is selling exceptionally well all through Europe.

Kotaku said:

He may have a point, he may not, his guess is as good as ours on European 360 sales since we’ve never seen the numbers. But is it really necessary? The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner, and that’s some serious gloating going on there.

Reggie, you’re a wonderful man. But that kind of business? Little bit childish.

I admire the questioning, especially concerning sore winners (i’ve encountered a few on my worldwide Wii Tennis conquest), but his quote isn’t the snobbiest ever. If the data is true, then he’s being factual and adding a dab of smugness for mild theatrics. No harm done.

Like Infendo’s Jack (‘member him?) put it: “It’s a non-issue”. I’d prefer Nintendo stick to being completely actions-louder-than-words with it, but we’ve seen worse.