Wii released over a month ago, conversation already focused on its successor

Destructoid examines the probability and potential reception of a shortened Wii life cycle theory in favor of a beefed up second generation Wii:

“With the money now in hand, Nintendo pumps a major amount of money into research and development of Wii 2. Because of the heavily-funded development, Wii 2 is comparable or perhaps surpasses the PlayStation 3’s capabilities, thus making Wii 2 the most powerful console on the market — with the right amount of money, it could be the leader for some time. Wii 2 keeps the Wii control scheme but the entire system is tightened up and perfected. Games are now in HD and in full 5.1 surround sound. Wii 2 is sold at $299-$349 in order for Nintendo to at least break even. Wii 2 goes on sale in November 2008.”

Wii just released and we’re already speculating on its successor? Count me in! I can’t say I haven’t thought of this myself, but is this just hardcore Nintendo gamers still coming to terms with Wii’s inferior power in favor of a more robust processor and graphics chip as soon as possible?