Mario Kart 7 Community News: February Edition

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to join the community nights of the past two weeks, and I probably won’t make it tonight, either. But I picked up on plenty of news before that, so that’s what I’m going off of right now.

First off, I must apologize to Chris of Texas for tanooki tailing you right at the end of Wii Koopa Kape for the closest win I have ever witnessed. Seriously, I don’t think it gets closer than that. It was an act of desperation, and it worked, but I don’t think I deserved the win.

Last I checked, the community was thriving. I played a set of four races with several other players. After winning on the first track, I thought, “Okay! I’m not half bad even with a larger group of racers!” However, the score after all four races begged to differ. I was humbled to see such a great group of racers on the community (like I said, however, this was a few weeks ago).

In other news, I have been dethroned, points-wise. It’s a really odd story, though: after playing a few tracks on the community a few weeks ago, my score mysteriously dropped from 296 to 234. But I did finally discover what the screaming statues in DK Jungle are there for. It was a disappointment to find out that they don’t topple over like they do in Donkey Kong Country Returns: instead, they blow out a stream of air that hinders anyone foolish enough to get caught in them.

Well, have fun tonight, racers! Know that I would much rather be on the community tonight than to do what I’m doing, but real life beckons, and no one can ignore it. Next week!

One Response to Mario Kart 7 Community News: February Edition

  1. wakko1337 says:

    Every 30 days or so, they drop points. Probably to keep things more even.

  2. Drahken says:

    Hotrod Zoidberg returns!

  3. Drahken says:

    Damn communication errors. Why must you ruin my fun?

  4. WII-LUIGI$ says:

    1ST place for me for like 3 or 4 weeks now and I still don’t plan on giving my current community championship up without a fight in races. Now, people might say that the reason I got first those almost 4 weeks ago is because I think that some people on here may have thought that I cheated even though I was 5 PTS. behind Holly then taking her spot after her mysterious point drop. I just want to say that I DO NOT CHEAT!! and anyone that thinks otherwise can argue the case with me anytime they feel like it. Now as for Lord Lemmy, let me go out and say to him that “You pal, are 1 of THE MOST HARDCORE Mario Kart 7 racers I have ever battled and plan to have more fun with.” Now,I have also made a community for anyone who wants to come to for Infendo Balloon Battles if ever feel the need
    . The code is 18-6573-4151-8349 ENJOY!!

  5. Âlvärö says:

    I joined late and had a few races with 3DS Luigi and some other guy. Then there were no moré groups. C’mon people join the community…

    I would like to increase my Friend List, my FC is: 2535-3935-9678

  6. WII-LUIGI$ says:

    @ Âlvärö

    It’s just the name I use online on my 3DS whenever I play Mario Kart 7. Still the same old WII-LUIGI$ all the same. 😉

  7. Lord Lemmy says:


    Thank you for that compliment, but you are still better than me. Notice how you still have more points than me! lol Anyhow, I have had LOTS of fun racing you. I didn’t get to race much yesterday, because I was busy with this and that, making it that much harder to catch up to you points-wise. I think I only did two or three full cups. Also, the praise is something I appreciate, especially since I just read it today, on my birthday. Finally legal!

  8. Lord Lemmy says:

    OH and random fun fact:
    I’ve raced two hackers in MKWii and WON! They were too cocky, stopped at the finish line on the last lap and chucked bob-ombs at me, I dodged them all perfectly, and won. After about 3 races of the same thing happening, they must have gotten pissed off or something, because they decided to just do “megashroom+star” the whole time afterwards, and started finishing the race before I could finish a lap.
    It was pretty funny beating them like that, until they started actually trying to win rather than toy with me.

  9. WII-LUIGI$ says:

    If anyone wants to battle, I put up a Balloon Battle for Infendo.

    Community Code is 18-6573-4151-8349

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