Getting tired of your blue or red Nintendo 3DS XL?



We’ll you might be in luck. According to Chinese website Nintendo might just have a solution. Now I can’t read anything other than English (well maybe a little Spanish) but It looks like Nintendo will be releasing  a series of Mario themed 3DS XL’s in the near future. Could we see this in North America? Does it come with any games? How much does it cost? Guess we’ll have to wait (or learn another language)  to find out. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Ready for a new series of 3DS XL’s yet or are to still happy with your old one?





  1. iQue is in partnership with Nintendo for Chinese distribution only. This is because China has strict policies about gaming consoles, and until iQue stepped in, they were outlawed (PS3 finally got approved). The games are strictly monitored by the Chinese government. I don’t see these going any farther than the chinese border.

    Currently, iQue may only release portable Nintendo games for iQue DS, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP. The iQue Player is the only home “console” available from the company in China. However, plans to release the Wii in China were officially announced by Satoru Iwata on October 28, 2007, but they were only available in Hong Kong, under the Nintendo brand. The Nintendo DSi was released in China on December 2009 as iQue DSi. The Nintendo 3DS XL will be released in China as iQue 3DS XL on December of 2012
    Also, please learn the difference between Then and Than.

  2. Ah thanks for the insightful information on iQue. You really know your stuff.

    Then: Used to indicate time. Than: Used to make a comparison. Gotcha! Learning is fun. Thank God for the edit button. Where would be in this digital world with out it? Also, please learn to be consistent with your capitalization.

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