Konami, EA, and Ubisoft have titles on the way?

Hidden within a recent IGN article is a brief mention of Konami and EA. It is explained that both companies have IPs for the Wii that fans will be ecstatic about when they are announced.

“Wii owners can look forward to some exciting announcements from third-parties like Electronic Arts, Konami and Ubisoft. We know of at least two major EA and Konami IPs that Wii fans are going to flip over when they become official”¦”

Konami has Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill… either of those games would be an amazing addition to the Wii. Ubisoft has Splinter Cell and Beyond Good and Evil, but what exactly does EA have that would make Wii fans “flip over”? Not to mention Konami released a teaser for what appears to be a metal gear game coming out, but no one knows exactly what that means… What do you think could possibly be coming out?


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