Konami, EA, and Ubisoft have titles on the way?

Hidden within a recent IGN article is a brief mention of Konami and EA. It is explained that both companies have IPs for the Wii that fans will be ecstatic about when they are announced.

“Wii owners can look forward to some exciting announcements from third-parties like Electronic Arts, Konami and Ubisoft. We know of at least two major EA and Konami IPs that Wii fans are going to flip over when they become official…”

Konami has Castlevania, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill… either of those games would be an amazing addition to the Wii. Ubisoft has Splinter Cell and Beyond Good and Evil, but what exactly does EA have that would make Wii fans “flip over”? Not to mention Konami released a teaser for what appears to be a metal gear game coming out, but no one knows exactly what that means… What do you think could possibly be coming out?


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  1. Wii Wii says:

    This is good news.

    Lets hope for the best.

  2. Used Cisco says:

    Ubi also has games like Rainbow Six Vegas and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Both would be good on Wii. As I recall, there was a pretty solid Rainbow Six title on Gamecube but I never did pick it up. Lockdown maybe? I think I’ll go to gamestop tomorrow and see if I can pick it up. It’s probably about $5.

  3. Andrew G. says:

    Mirror’s Edge is EA…perhaps they are making a Wii version, though I wouldn’t exactly be flipping for that.

    Since Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been announced for the Xbox360 and I happen to own that system, I’ll be buying the game for that system even if it is released on Wii. Usually not a graphics whore, but I’ll treat myself on that one.

    I’d love to see a proper Castlevania (2D, please) on Wii, but I’d be happy with an entry into the Metal Gear franchise. ;D

  4. DonWii says:

    EA is doing Road Rash
    Konami is doing Goemon (Legend of the Mystical Ninja)
    Ubisoft is doing Red Steel 2 (and the new TMNT game)

    Don’t get your hopes up too high.

  5. Liraco says:

    Konami… there’s a bunch of good stuff (like an MGS 2 & 3 port), a higher-res 2D Castlevania that moves as smooth as Order of Ecclesia would be friggin’ sweet.

    Of course, I’d just flip having Turtles in Time on the Virtual Console 😛

    As for EA… they have so many smaller developers under them that who knows what they could announce, and Ubisoft… it can either prove it’s serious about the Wii with RedSteel 2 or die because their efforts have been extremely poor as of late. Perhaps they’ll do a Prince of Persia spin-off but I care little for that series.

  6. tylor says:

    i’d take goemon and be happy about it if we get an english version. anything related to metal gear would just make me shit my pants with glee. the rest, not so keen on. ‘cept maybe a well executed road rash… i say bring on Skitchin’ 2 though! … anybody…? nothin?

  7. droop4 says:

    infendudes! (infendo staff)
    you guys need to do an article of whats coming up
    with your opinion

    like what IGN did
    lots of great hardcore games! Too much good stuff this is the year the compensates for what 2008 3rd and 4rth quarters missed, and boy is it worth it!

    “Wii’s 2009 is on track to be spectacular from the beginning of the year on. In the first week of January, the anticipated Japanese RPG / simulation Little King’s Story, with a beautiful art style, is set to debut for the system. The moody action game Deadly Creatures, starring a tarantula and a scorpion, releases a month later. There’s also Tenchu: Shadow Assassins from Ubisoft. And the release schedule never really slows down. In the first half of 2009, Wii owners will be treated to a series of big guns, including the console-exclusive first-person shooter, The Conduit, from High Voltage Software. The gorgeous technical showpiece boasts some of the best FPS controls of any console title in the genre and it also supports WiiSpeak for voice-chat-enabled online matches with up to 16 players.

    Not to be outdone, Platinum Games (formerly Clover Studio, best known for Okami and Viewtiful Joe) will in the first quarter release MadWorld for Nintendo’s system. The title, also published by SEGA, is overrun with some of the bloodiest violence in any videogame we’ve played. As burly main character Jack struggles to escape a futuristic, Running Man-like game show called Death Watch, he stabs sign posts through the heads of his enemies, chainsaws leather-bound baddies in half and even plays Man Darts with them — batting them into a giant virtual dartboard with gory splats. MadWorld has been the subject of much controversy since its unveiling and while we have yet to even go hands-on with the title, we are extremely optimistic that the talented development studio has a AAA effort on its hands.”

    from IGNs “a glimpse to 2009” http://wii.ign.com/articles/936/936938p7.html

  8. ResidentialEvil says:

    I’ll just say this…I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Konami has already given us a turd for a Castlevania game on the Wii. I would take a WiiWare Castlevania 2D game. Getting ports of MGS 2 and 3 would hardly make me flip.

    No more ports or remakes. Make some original games that aren’t mini-game/puzzle games.

  9. Reynard says:

    WiiWare castlevania? god no, a full fledged 2(or2.5D) castlevania on disc please.

    I’d also appreciate an MGS2/3 remake.

    A new Goemon game might rock too.

  10. Jamie says:

    And for Ubisoft.. Red Steel 2! big announcement there! lol
    MGS Wii would be excellent. not sure how it’d use the wiimote exactly other than in standard fps type fashion, still, would be excellent to see such a game come to wii

  11. Dfox says:

    Ah man, Metal Gear Solid Wii would be amazing… but who knows if it’ll happen without Kojima.

  12. Damien says:

    You know I wouldn’t mind a nice cel-shaded Metal Gear on the Wii. I mean even if it’s like the acid series it would still be bad ass. However, I don’t think we will be seeing a continuation of the Solid series for a long time.

  13. Fabio says:

    Why don’t a publisher release a game with controls similar to RE4?? Why?? That control scheme is excellent! I still play RE4 today because of that! I may get the Dead Rising game only because of it… That control scheme is perfect for action games!

    Anyway, Madworld looks amazing. I’ll be getting it 😀


  14. deepthought says:

    @ droop & infendudes

    i find myself extremely unexcited about the hardcore wii games that are coming out. i think this would actually also make an interesting article- do the harcore wii games appeal to a different hardcore crowd than the hardcore ps60 games? (personally, i can’t otherwise explain my indifference)

  15. Fuzz says:

    A new Contra for Wii.

  16. deepthought says:

    @ fuzz

    that could be hot.

  17. Lance says:

    I’m not that eager. When they are revealed then my attitude will change.

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