Just how "underpowered" are Wii’s graphics?

In light of recent comments made by Microsoft’s Robbie Bach in calling Wii’s graphics less capable than Xbox 1, N’Gai Croal examines the facts via three anonymous sources. Wii is a scrappy little booger, but is it as underpowered as conventional wisdom suggests? From the article:

While Bach’s statement that the Wii is graphically underpowered compared to the first Xbox wasn’t quite a bulls-eye, it’s so darned close to the mark–technically speaking–that we’ve got to compliment him on his aim. The question, then, is how much will developers be able to squeeze out of the less-flexible Wii hardware? But if the Wii keeps selling like ice on a hot summer day, it’s unlikely that Nintendo will lose too much sleep over the power disparity.

The gist: Wii’s graphics technology and processing power can closely be described as a “GameCube 1.5,” though as Croal reiterates, “doesn’t mean that gamers won’t see graphical improvements on the Wii.”

Still having trouble coming to terms with an underpowered Nintendo console? Believe it an enjoy it for what it is, or buy a PS3 and/or 360.

[Thanks, N’Gai!]