Wii to exceed N64 lifetime sales next month

When there aren’t any asses left to kick, why not kick your own?

VGChartz is reporting today the Nintendo Wii has topped 30 million units in worldwide sales. The video games sales-tracking site projects lifetime Wii sales will surpass those of the Nintendo 64 in August.

This projection is based on sell-through data for the week ending July 26, according to which Nintendo has sold 30.01 million Wii consoles worldwide. With the help of hit software like Super Mario 64 and the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Nintendo 64 sold 32.9 million units worldwide respectively after its release 12 years ago.

VGChartz is also projecting Wii to surpass lifetime Super Nintendo sales — 49.1 million worldwide — by either Jan. or Mar. 2009.