Nintendo will win the console war, say Gamepro and IDC

Through a terrifyingly complex algorithm, Gamepro has reached the conclusion that the consoles that sell more units ultimately will have sold more units than others. Huh! This conclusion was reached via hard data and line graphs, so think twice before you question their logic.

To me, predicting the Wii’s success this late in the game is like calling a horse race after one of the competitors breaks its leg and the other wanders out of the stadium. To be sure, it’s a safe bet, but I’m also cautiously optimistic that the world won’t forget to keep spinning by the time I wake up tomorrow.

“The IDC 2007-2011 worldwide console report also predicts Wii to outsell both the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively.”

Honestly, say what you want about Microsoft, but I don’t see them being an easy conquest for Sony this time around; at this rate, they should start worrying about their more immediate competition, such as Nokia.