From Nintendo’s megaton presser yesterday, some numbers:

  • Virtual Console now has 347 titles, WiiWare has 189, and DSiWare 12
  • 76 Wii titles have sold in excess of 1 million copies
  • 22 of which are first-party
  • 54 of which were made by third-parties
  • 108 DS titles have reached 1 million or more
  • The DS number breaks down further into: 45 first-party and 63 third-party games

There’s no “secret” to developing for the Wii, nor is the audience more casual, less savvy or even, dare I sound like many in the enthusiast press today, stupider, less knowledgeable or less engaged than an owner of another system. Better still for all the developers out there who lost their jobs in 2009—and there were hundreds if not thousands—if you develop quality software for a system with more than 60 million owners, you will join this exclusive club. Why not start up a smaller studio and try your hand at some truly innovative software on a system that’s cheap enough to take some risk?

It seemed like only yesterday I, at least, was opining in the Infendo HQ how 2010 was actually going to be a bigger success for Nintendo than 2009. With this fresh information, I’ll modify it a bit: 2010 will also be bigger than 2008.