I’ve got your Wii ‘graphical wonder’ right here


Wherein I address one of Infendo’s senior commenters in the post headline– a first!

Anyway, we’ve been talking about graphics and shovelware here at Infendo lately (both staffers and commenters, because you’re awesome), and these new screens from the upcoming Boy and His Blob update are pretty remarkable. “Graphical wonders” even, in a hat tip to one of our regulars, and they’re coming to the Wii soon.

Seriously, I hope these look even just half as good in motion as they do on the physical page, because they’re pretty sharp. More below, including a few that show the blob doing what it does best: Being used and abused by his pipsqueak master in whatever way the situation calls for.

More over at Wired. Simply beautiful. However, I anticipate the game play to be as maddening in the new version as it was in the NES original. Seems only fair.


  1. root beer = rocket!!!

  2. Haha, what a cool/weird game Boy and his Blob was…. catchy music, too.

  3. Looks nice. This is a remake, though? Never heard of it. But you know what it reminded me of? Shmoo.

  4. The credit here should go to the artist. Graphically, there’s nothing amazing about this.

  5. This looks beautiful. It doesn’t look like I’ll ever get Icarus but I honestly never even expected A Boy and his Blob. I think it’ll be pretty special. I’ve been jealous of Braid and LBP in the past couple of weeks, but I think we have our own platformer right here, Wii owners.

  6. oh! oh! i’m the “senior commenter”, aren’t I!! sweet!

    i suppose i should have shown my exuberance for this game with the tip link, but i was all excited and had to stick it in the comments. can you blame me?

    glad you picked it up and shared with everyone- joystiq shows some animation now too, btw. maybe if it sells well we’ll see more pretty games.

  7. snap… I’ve been out of these comments for months and look what happens…good games come out worth talking about. Arggggg!

  8. whoops- i realize my last comment doesn’t make much sense unless i point out i already mentioned this game, in the first hyperlinked comment section, before making my “graphic wonder” comment.

    the point of the graphic wonder comment was about incentives, not that we don’t see pretty games. prettiness is just not highly valued by the casuals. besides, like daverage pointed out, this doesnt look like it’s actually taxing the wii’s hardware. honestly, it could be downloadable content… i thought it was the cancelled ds game when i first saw the pics on joystiq!

    now we just need a new startropics.

  9. Looks like Braid. I mean this in a good way.

  10. “Looks like Braid. I mean this in a good way.”
    Exactly what i thought…

    If this game looks as good in motion as the screen shots promise, it proves once again that great artists and designers top mere brute force polygon crunchers any time.

  11. Tbh, I didn’t really cared for the 8-bit version all that well, maybe it was due to not liking jelly beans at the time. XD

    Seriously, I might give it a rental, but this doesn’t interest me that much. Still, I welcome our Blob overlord back to the fold! 😀

  12. I think calling it a “graphical wonder” is a bit of a stretch, but it does look good at least. The Braid comparison fits.

  13. Wario Land: Shake It!! was hand-drawn too. Wii might be onto something here.

  14. Graphical wonder indeed, deepthought. Graphical wonder indeed.

    I’m serious! Hand-drawn graphics look AWESOME!!! Shake It!! looked like an interactive anime show!

  15. The game definitely reminds me of Braid with the art style. I’m not sure if I’ll play this though.