I’ve got your Wii ‘graphical wonder’ right here

Wherein I address one of Infendo’s senior commenters in the post headline– a first!

Anyway, we’ve been talking about graphics and shovelware here at Infendo lately (both staffers and commenters, because you’re awesome), and these new screens from the upcoming Boy and His Blob update are pretty remarkable. “Graphical wonders” even, in a hat tip to one of our regulars, and they’re coming to the Wii soon.

Seriously, I hope these look even just half as good in motion as they do on the physical page, because they’re pretty sharp. More below, including a few that show the blob doing what it does best: Being used and abused by his pipsqueak master in whatever way the situation calls for.

More over at Wired. Simply beautiful. However, I anticipate the game play to be as maddening in the new version as it was in the NES original. Seems only fair.