Is this the beginning of the end for Nintendo?

I’ve said for a while now that for all its success over the past five years Nintendo actually never had any idea what it was doing, but this latest Wii U rumor seals the deal beyond a reasonable doubt.

Basically, the Wii U is shaping up to be as ill-defined and rushed as the 3DS. Its centerpiece, the single-point of contact non-HD touchscreen, allegedly isn’t working without a tether, and even with the tether the performance is so poor that developers have had to halt production on titles.

Adding insult to injury, the Wii U’s purported summertime launch date is now September 2012. Nintendo is big enough that a flop like the 3DS could probably be weathered, but if you add in another flop in the console space…I’m really not so sure anymore.

I’m now well beyond the point of “disappointed parent” with Nintendo. It’s full on anger, and the box of unused Wii games and Wii console sitting to my side as I type this might as well be a box of hammers for all the enjoyment it’s given me over the past 12 months. Which is to say none.

A single-point non-HD touchscreen console that can only interact (barely) with one controller at a time? Launching in a year? Gee whiz, could I have ten?

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  1. BOBdotEXE says:

    Don’t forget about the second analog stick 3ds thing:

    but their is still hope for enjoying the classics:

  2. Hitokiti_Ace says:

    Don’t feed the troll.

  3. hrothgarfunkel says:

    I’m starting to think this is the beginning of the end of my patience for Infendo and the constant trolling of the company and fans of the company they claim to be dedicated to.

  4. Hitokiti_Ace says:

    @hrothgarfunkel +1 for me completely agreeing.
    Though lately, it hasn’t been quite as bad.. but ya.. I recommend it really is a lot better.

  5. monkat says:

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, though it is a bit of a sensationalist title for an article about a new rumour.

    I think you may have been right that Nintendo never knew what it was doing. It stumbled onto success by accident, and its hard to hit a Target twice without knowing how to hold a bow, much less hit two bull’s-eyes.

    I like my 3ds, I really do. But I wish they would scrap the Wii U idea, admit its faults, and throw us something else–traditional or not. I’m not against new things, it’s just…when new things don’t make sense and are bad, well, there’s no question why I don’t like them.

    And developers even have no idea what to do with this thing! Aonuma has always said that he had amazing ideas for games, specifically Zelda using that controller. He recently presented some, and he’s treating it like what it really kind-of is: a really fat Wiimote with a HUD on it.

  6. Artefacto says:

    Rumors, how do they work?

  7. Adding even more insult to injury, Infendo keeps Jack around, and even more insult to injury, he’s spreading RUMORS as fact.

    And for you people complaining about the Circle-pad attachment…

    My work here is done.

  8. Job says:

    Once I noticed this article is written by Jack, I stopped reading.

  9. Kaherka says:

    I pointed out at E3 that all the demo videos of Wii U showed wired controllers being used, and everyone said “oh… that’s just a tether to keep them from being stolen”. But I just knew, KNEW that they hadn’t actually been able to get the thing working properly wirelessly.

    Looks like I was right!

  10. cowmanodoom says:

    I have been on this site for two years, and I cannot remember a time when Jack posted something praising Nintendo in any way.

    I am extremely happy with where Nintendo is going right now. I love the controller for the Wii U, we are finally getting HD on a nintendo console, the Wii U will be able to work with all our old Wiimotes so we won’t have to buy more controllers, the 3DS has tons of really great looking games coming out very soon, Nintendo just made 200+% jump in sales for the 3DS, and Wii U seems to be getting a lot of attention from 3rd parties, as well as the 3DS.

    Please, think before you post.

  11. Eugene says:

    In all fairness, the reason some (not all) of the Wii U tablet controllers were ‘tethered’ were because on the bottom of the controller was an HDMI port, and the tethering was to televisions so spectators could see what was happening on the Wii U tablet screen. There were plenty of Wii U controllers that were untethered and with the wireless seemingly working just fine.

  12. Akira says:

    Deleting my bookmark for this Rudy poo candyass troll site. Shame on you.

  13. lego_maniac says:

    Seriously? A Nintendo “fansite” spreading these stupid rumors as if they were fact? If you really don’t think the Wii U controller already works flawlessly and wirelessly, look here:

    Well, Infendo, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I thought you stopped making these negative BS articles, but obviously not. As a Nintendo fan, I won’t subject myself to it any longer. You’re now removed from my RSS reader, and I won’t be returning.

  14. Yellow Bear says:

    everytime i think jack has finally left, he always comes back with somthing like this

  15. Nfanboy says:

    Nintendo knwos they can’t do the same mistake as they did with the 3DS.

    They will fix the problem for sure.

    The console is not out.

    Remember the PS3 development ? That was a mess to.

    So let’s wait before living the boat.

    And relax 🙂

  16. Brian says:

    You have onlt yourself to blame for not touching you Wii. Ha.

    Nintendo sure did make a lot of money for someone who has no idea what they are doing. Everyone rises and falls. Some rise again. I think Nintendo will.

  17. Nexel says:

    The logic in the article made me laugh so hard… Yes, we should always base our reasoning on rumors and speculation! /sarcasm

  18. Reaper says:

    Well if your tired of nintendo then change the name of your site and your stripes while your at it if you a true nintendo fan you would stick with them through thick and thin they can’t help if they screw up now and then and them trying to please everyone at once isn’t easy for them at least they try.

  19. Mr. Paper says:

    Hey, yeah, its me Mr. Paper. I deleted this site from my RSS reader about a month ago, but to give it the benefit of the dout I decided to check and see if it had gotten better. Got to the site. Saw Jack was still writing. Read this article (and others) and just deleted it from my bookmarks.

    I made the right choice.

  20. Fwiller says:

    After a long thought (about 2 seconds) I decided that I absolutely hate Infendo. Sure they spread the news, but it seems like the only articles that are really “fleshed out” are the articles that are bashing Nintendo! For Example: “Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Releases November 20th.” Great news, right? But just look at the size of the article….. It’s a fricken quote! But when a rumor goes about, all hell breaks loose! YOU GUYS HAVE THIS BACKWARDS! For a negative rumor, it’s totally fine to say it, as long as it’s the size of lets say…… your Skyward Sword release date article. But when it gets up 5 paragraphs…. you guys are really pushing it. And what’s with this Nintendo bashing anyway!? You guys are running a NINTENDO site!!! Kick Jack Out! I’m sick of his constant one-sided (against Nintendo) articles.

    Have a nice life,

  21. Neil N says:

    It seems every Jack post is the same. Go to mynintendonews for facts instead of annoying bashinh

  22. Chorel says:

    Nintendo is slowly starting to act like Sony 2006. Not `they`ll buy our consoles even if it had no games` level. They are getting too cocky about their success that they feel they can do anything. The original pricing on the 3DS shows that.

  23. droop4 says:

    I rarely post, but this time I’m done with infendo. Rumors posted as facts? PLEASE!

    I’m upset with Nintendo’s flops, and certainly don’t praise them as gods, but this is ridiculous. What Happened to the INTELLIGENT part of Infendo?

    Don’t praise, but also don’t trash. Infendo never went out of its way to say “wii is amazing, nintendo is the best, fu*k the rest” and that’s why i liked it. Now that things are wrong for Nintendo, Infendo starts trashing constantly. I don’t like that as well, so bye Infendo, I shall find a better site (not one that says wii u and 3ds are amazing- i don’t want bs either.) Just something in between and realistic… just like Infendo was when it was at its best.

  24. deepthought says:

    for all the people who threaten to leave every time jack posts, there still are a bunch here.

    i know that i initially didnt consider a 3Ds because of the price. But now that the price is lower, I’m realizing I haven’t even played my DS in forever. I want to use it recently while I travel, but can’t find anything that really interests me. I feel like this game catalogue wasn’t developed for my tastes. Similar to how I feel about the Wii catalogue. And I’m not really expecting much change for the future. meh.

  25. The Adza says:

    Heads in need of much pulling in.
    I believe we are heading into a new golden age of Nintendo game wise.
    Most liken not sales wise, but Nintendo don’t have to be number 1 to make profit. From memory the GBA wasn’t as popular as the original GB or DS but it remains a fond favorite handheld by gamers from all over, not just Nintendo fans, as does the GameCube and N64 which never reached the heights of the Wii. We could have a pure core double with the 3DS and Wii U just smoldering away in the background slowly building sales with every new Nintendo core game released. And the best thing is that Nintendo will be really trying this time around so we are guaranteed some fantastic games. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  26. Janush says:

    Yeah, it is kinda sucky to read so many Nintendo bash articles on a site I once liked to get my N fix. Common dude, The 3ds sales are finallly rising and with the coming holiday line up, its not going to be downhill from there. Although it had a slow start, you can’t call it a flop yet and it’s not going be a flop. It’s not gonna top the ds either, but a PSP it will do. The 3DS is not rushed (ok they forgot to finish games sooner), but the system itself is pretty darn good compared to Fat DS release. I don’t care about a remake, ’cause Nintendo won’t abandon the early adopters. The Big Fat DS still runs in a lot of homes, same goes for the first Wii (which hasn’t even got the remake yet), I don’t know any other Nintendo platform where I HAD to get the upgraded version (maybe the gba sp for the backlit). WiiU or whatever they’re gonna call it hasn’t even launched yet and if you think they will launch it with a quirky controller you must be reallly stupid. And yes, a delay probably will follow, so what, they won’t make that a flop either, I only hope Nintendo will make sure there will be more games in launch period.

    I don’t know why I’ve even spend time on writing this all. Well that’s it then. I’ll take Hitokiti_Ace’s recommendation and check out
    Good bye Infendo. Maybe you want to change your name to Offendo, ‘intelligent’ bashing all things Nintendo.

  27. Shawn says:


  28. ModestMrGreen says:

    Yeah Jack, I’m really unsatisfied, too. I feel like I’ve been abandoned outright. To me, there is still so much to do with the current Wii, and I don’t understand why the “Wii U” even has “Wii” in its name other than to take advantage of the Wii brand. It feels nothing like the Wii to me. And why would I want a machine that gets ports of HD games I didn’t want this generation?

    I, for one, like the balance here, which is the reason I come by here so often.

  29. Nin3DS says:

    I don’t think it’s the end of Nintendo quite yet. I mean, they’re rich, and its only recently been their first loss as a company. They’ve got the money to hold out at least a fair while longer, and the 3DS could fairly easily turn its luck around thanks to better games and such, and realising what made the expanded audience buy the 3DS and Wii.

    Besides, I don’t think these rumours about the Wii U are true, and even if they were, they can be fixed.

    Don’t worry about it.

  30. Sean says:

    Funny, seemed to work just fine (and tether free) at E3.

  31. Ben says:

    Beautifully said, Jack. Nintendo is behind the curve, and in a cutthroat industry like this, those who fall behind are consumed.

  32. Âlvärö says:

    Is this the beginning of the end of Infendo?? 😛
    Jack the Trollman is back!! Always entertaining to read his posts and reactions…

  33. XCWarrior says:

    I’ll be anyone a dollar Infendo collapses before Nintendo.

    Who wants to take Infendo’s side?

  34. RisnDevil says:

    Just like Jack, I like to repeat myself, so here goes:

    Nintendo will be just fine. The 3DS is picking up momentum. The price drop started it, and it started just long enough after the launch that everyone who bought it after the price drop already has several, good, viable game options to choose from and more on the horizon, so no generally bitter outlooks from this group.

    Yes, Nintendo is releasing an add-on. The design is FAR from perfect (good bit away from good even). Yes I can admit it. Does that mean doom and gloom? Not by any stretch of the words that I am used to. You don’t like it, don’t use it and don’t buy it. When developers see poor sales they are very likely to not develop for it. IF this does get good sales developers will take the hint and develop for it. At this point, maybe you should take the hint and re-evaluate your opinion as well.

    Now, about the Wii U. You are complaining about the system feeling “rushed” or “under-developed.” Ok, fine. You can have that opinion. What you can’t do is have that opinion AND THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT A LAUNCH GETTING PUSHED BACK TO ENSURE THAT EVERYTHING IS COMPLETE! Just saying: you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    I, for one, AM looking forward to the tablet controller and DO see plenty of innovative ways to use it. Pokemon Snap U: Control the game with most of the tablet controls and when it is time to take a picture hold it up in front of you like a real camera with a view window on it to line up the perfect picture. RTS games (all of them): Selecting and controlling units sucks with a traditional controller, is good with a mouse, but is AWESOME/PERFECT for touch interfaces. I even have an idea for a blend of genres game that I am not trying to go into detail about (I am trying to break into games as an indie developer) that would almost exclusively work on the Wii U.

    Now, am I saying the system is/will be perfect? No. The ability to only have one tablet and the tablet screen being non-HD ARE MAJOR issues for me; but I’ll buy one anyways. THAT is the truth. I’m not going to spout off about how some arbitrary idea or concept that I haven’t used is so horrible I am going to swear off an entire company’s products. Forever! And lastly, I am going to wait to pass judgement on it for the device to actually exist (as in design complete and in persons hands) so that my gripes don’t turn out to be wrong and fall on deaf ears.

    And to all you people screaming at Jack and Infendo: most of your bashing is no more intelligent than the content you are decrying. If you want to disagree, how about you actually put something behind it instead of “uh-uh.”

  35. Neil N says:


    it seems Ben’s willing to. Never thought I’d see someone praise Jack’s annoying one-sided bashing

  36. Aikun2012 says:

    …. Interesting… I thought I heard this rant already…

    Personally, I dunno what to expect from Nintendo’s recent shenanigans. The WiiU and the 3DS are way too unpredictable for me to understand and make a conjecture about. Even so, I KNOW that Nintendo’s still got the magic for video games. I mean, Skyward Sword’s coming out soon, the last Zelda was great, the last two Mario platformers were phenomenal, and I haven’t been disappointed by a major release by Nintendo as of today. In spite of new hardware design choices and rough sales results, I want more games. That is 80% of my Nintendo love. I love Zelda, I loved Mario, I love Metroid, and I have yet to really despise a Nintendo franchise.

    There ARE other things to account for when considering a “death” of a company. Hardware sale a A LOT to do with it, but don’t stay too sardonically displeased. There’s a difference between being an opinionated, shallow hoax and an interestingly studied reporter. Your choice.

    I don’t hate you Jack and breaking the Infendo habit is pretty damn difficult for me at this point, so I won’t go as far as to say I want to quit. However, I want more than two major arguments to support your dangerously controversial ideas. I’ve also seen “Nintendo bashing” in some podcasts, but maybe that’s just me being sensitive. Whatever… =_=

    Post whatever you like, just be aware of who reads it and why you are posting. Don’t complain about the comments and take responsibility. That is all. (Unless you want to blame the reader just like how Nintendo blamed the consumer for 3DS…)

  37. HyperSonic says:

    People thought the Wii was going to kill Nintendo as well. And the Gamecube.

    Can we just not worry about the things that won’t be a problem when it’s finally released? It’s in alpha stages, for Mario’s sake.

  38. digitalbath says:

    I’m sick of the Nintendo trolling on the internet in general. Everywhere I go now it seems like people people are saying Nintendo is “behind the times” and that “smart phones are the future now, not 3DS. Or that the “Wii U was a last minute concept and rushed out of the door”. It’s interesting how editors suddenly become brilliant business analysts who know better than a company that’s been in the industry for over 25 years, as though Nintendo doesn’t have anyone talented working for them who knows how to run the company.

    Even if the rumors about have same base in fact, Nintendo is much more than a hardware company. It is their games and characters that have always been the biggest draw and by my record they haven’t screwed any of those up yet. All of their latest Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Zelda, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., and Metroid games all went in fresh new directions without departing from what made each series fun. Until they make a Mario Call Of Duty or something lame like that you won’t hear this fan complaining much.

    I’m surprised Infendo has posted so much negative stuff lately. It’s nice to see sites like and keeping the faith. The 3DS is already making a turn around and we’ve seen so little of the Wii U and its games to really make any opinion. Watch, everyone will be eating their words come E3 2012.

  39. HyperSonic says:

    Did Jack not hear that the Wii U is going to be able to use at least two tablet controllers? News that was broken shortly after E3? No?

  40. Jagsrock95 says: all day everyday. Infendo is one of the least informative nintendo fan sites out there now. Half the stuff posted are just opinion pieces with the lack of any real news. I used to like this site but its just gone down hill. Bookmark deleted

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